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Manny Malhotra appreciation thread


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After reading some hate on Malhotra today i decided to make a thread on appreciating what Malhotra does for this team. Here are some:

- Wins faceoffs (always top 5 in league)

- leader

- does great things with charities

- 7G, 9A as a 4TH LINER

and most importantly.... He's in my sig B)

He doesn't do anything wrong so i dont know what the hate is about

He's a bit overpaid. That's it.

One bad season and everyone wants him gone.

Happy Posting


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I don't think the people posting the hate on Malhotra will care about this thread. The people who know better understand he does play a very specific role for us - and does it well. He could do better, but we have no idea how much of that is related to his eye or if he's just not as good as he used to be.

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I really hope he can get back close to where he was before the injury. I know at the level I played I was scared coming back when I badly broke both legs.

These days broken legs and dislocated shoulders are no excuse at the NHL level. However, his inury is something very rare and could easily affect your play. I really hope he comes back full of confidence and stronger than ever.

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He was in the running for the Seilke two years ago before the eye injury. He is only 32!

Last year was finding his way back into the lineup, this year he just may be our best option for second line center until Kesler get's back.

It all depends on if he can get used to dealing with the limited vision and presumably depth perception.

I am pulling for him that's for sure.

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I'm a fan of Malhotra. A lot of people don't understand how rare it is to be handed a letter your first year on a new team when you aren't a star, especially on a veteran team; this speaks volumes of his leadership. I think he'll adjust better to his vision issues next season and have a solid season.

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