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Driver tweeting about his bad driving crashes killing himself & 4 friends


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And the stupidity of young people just keeps getting worse...


Five friends died senselessly this past weekend after one of them got behind the wheel of a car they were all riding in and drove drunk and recklessly, all while tweeting about it.

21-year-old Jonathan Watson was driving his 2005 Nissan Sentra at a high rate of speed after leaving a party in Ontario, California on Saturday, September 2nd.

Watson's Twitter timeline detailed his state of mind at the time.

Not soon after sending his last tweet, Watson crashed.

The driver of the vehicle was 21 years old and the other four occupants ranged in age from 20 to 23 years old,” Ontario police Cpl. Bill Russell told KNX1070’s Ed Mertz.

We do know that the vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed and did run a traffic signal just prior to colliding,” Russell said.


The car rolled over at least five times before smashing through a cement pillar and landing in the backyard of a home.

Witness Rowley Barre told CBS2's Jeff Nguyen that the Sentra “ran a red light. Then he swerved and crashed. The car is flipping over and they hit a brick wall.”

Killed were 23-year old Marquell Bogan, 23-year old JuJuan Bennett, 21-year-old Ervin McKinness, 20-year-old Dylan George and the driver Watson.

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Guest BuckFoston

Eh, I don't see it as a waste. The driver is a moron, his friends even more stupid for getting in the car with him. Early 20ies, time to have your head screwed on straight. Good riddance.

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Can't feel bad for a spoiled ass young man without concern for anyone else's safety on the road, nor his friends who went along with it. "#frackIt" amirite? I don't feel bad at all for them, and the driver was obviously asking for it, he got what he asked for.. cya.

What really worries me is the property damage done, not to mention the effect stupid drivers like this have on the already ridiculous GTA auto insurance rates.

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