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So today at Starbucks....


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Today my friend asked me to get him a Venti Small Vanilla Frappucino at the Starbucks near school, as I was dropping by Timmies to get a donut. I rarely go to Starbucks so I didn't know anything such as how to order and what the different drinks look like so he wrote his order on a piece of paper and sent me on my way. So I got to Starbucks and gave the cashier the slip and he placed my order. There was nobody else in line to pickup their order so when they put out a cup of Starbucks I assumed it was mine so I took it and went on my way. When I got back to my friends house he told me that it wasn't what he wanted so I said how could they mix it up? Then I showed him the reciept and he told me I must have taken someone elses order. So now I'm feeling really bad about it and I want to know if I'll get in any trouble with Starbucks? Will they get mad or something or will I get in trouble the next time I pop over to that Starbucks?

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