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To VAN: Sharp+Montador

To CHI: Luongo+Booth

Why Vancouver does this:

We get an all-star forward capable of consistently putting up 70+ points and who plays a great two-way game. We take on Montador, who stuggled last year, but is still a solid bottom-pairing guy. His 2.750m cap hit is more or less a cap dump from Chicago's side of things.

Why Chicago does this:

They get a great goalie, who is much better than either Crawford or Emery. They also get Booth, who should be able to achieve 50 points as a replacement for Sharp. If Booth plays with Toews and Kane on the top line (where his style of play would be a deadly compliment) look for him to get upwards of 60 points.


I think this trade is pretty even, seeing as Chicago gets a great goalie, as well as a top-6 forward in return for a consistent top-6/3 forward and a cap dump.

We are most likely going to lose Luongo anyways, and if it makes our team better, why not move him to Chicago, where he has a good chance at a cup? Booth is a really good player who I like and would hate to see go, but some fans disapprove of him(after little more than half of a season >.<), both on and off of the ice.

I think Sharp would be really hard to lose from a Blackhawks perspective, as he is a great two-way player (think Canadian Kesler). He could be replaced with Hossa. Montador is a player they would be happy to get rid of at the moment with the emergence of Leddy (think Ballard to a lesser extent).

Vancouver Estimated Lines:

D. Sedin-H. Sedin-Burrows




(Volpatti, Pinizotto)







Chicago Estimated Lines:





(Morin, Saad, Beach)







So my question is: What do Vancouver fans think of this trade and how realistic does it look to you?

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Although I am against Lu to Chicago deals, I actually might do it, although I would rather not trade Booth, but if we have too then I might.

It's not terrible from Chicago's end either since Booth is a solid 2nd liner.

It's actually a pretty deal, but I something tells me both teams might get a bit gunshy, with what they are giving up.

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I am a hugggggge Luongo fan, don't get me wrong. But Patrick Sharp is a first liner on any team, like I said before, a Canadian version of Kesler (without the major injury which brought Kes's totals down).

You have to think that at this moment if you believe that Schneider gives you just as good of a chance to win as Luongo does, do you not improve your team by upgrading Booth( a 2nd liner) to Sharp (a first liner)?

Also, point taken SSM. I also love Booth, but I believe to make things work out cap wise, he would have to be on the way out, not Raymond (unfortunately).

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I hope this deal can become reality!

Sharp's very much another option that can work really well on the 2nd line; I think he would GREATLY complement the more physical Kes and Higgins on the 2nd line, since he's less (not that he's not) physically involved but his line-mates can create the space for him to work, and he can also help them out by dishing the puck or sniping it himself. This team could use another consistent, quality pure scorer outside of Daniel (sorry Kes and Burr don't count).

I also wanted Montador to sign here, and he's a strong, right-handed D who definitely slot up to the Top 4 if something happens to one of those players.

If Booth doesn't click with Kes and Lu gets benched and Chicago offered this to resolve their goalie issues I would take this in an instant and run

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