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[Official] Great iPhone Apps thread


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Shazam is useful at times, it'll tell you the name of the song your listening to but holding it up for the music.

9gag app for 9gag lovers.

CoPilot GPS allows you to find directions while OFFLINE, don't need data or wifi connection.

Mega Run is a fun game.

Photosynth is somewhat like Panorama, except your able to take 360 degree pictures.

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anyone know of a good "translating app"?

also try this one guys

bigwin hockey . Fun as hell and addicting.

I use one called Translate. It's by Codesign and it's decent

For sports: Score Mobile, Bell Media (to listen to TEAM 1040)

Social: Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Instagram (if you are on all of those.) WhatsApp is a must.

Info: Weather Network, Around Me, Urbanspoon, Find my iPhone

Games: Temple Run, Scrabble, Angry Birds, NHL 2K11, iSlash, Flow Free

Entertainment: Shazam, Sound Hound, Songza

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