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Alright, so after these two trades, we'd have youth, veteran experience, skill and size to go along with it. The explanations beneath explain why I think these trades are fair value.

To VAN- Kadri,Gunnarsson, 2013 1st rd pick

To TOR-Luongo,Schroeder

To VAN- Tarosenko, Sobotka

To STL- Edler's Rights, Raymond








The beauty about this line-up is that Kadri, and Tarosenko can both play RW/C so they can alternate. Between Burrows,Kadri,Tarosenko,Hansen, and Kassian we have 5 capable RW'ers to move around as AV sees fit. Not to mention Lapierre also can play the wing.

I think these trades are fair value for all 3 teams.

St.Louis: Loses a potential star-forward but gains a 50pt d-man to play with Pietriangelo. And it's not like St.Louis isn't a nice place to live, it's a great city. They would have the money, and the means to re-sign him when the time came.Raymond also gives them a speedy young forward. He is a risk, but he could become a 20g scorer again, especially while playing with bigger, stronger players in St.Louis who won't allow crap to happen after the whistles or cheap shots. Sobotka gives us a 4th line grinder who agitates and isn't afraid to drop the gloves/lay a hit even though he isn't that big.

Toronto: Gains a franchise goalie for years to come. Luongo actually plays best when he is under heavy-fire/lots of shots. This should fit perfectly with TO's run-and-gun style. Also, Gunnarson might fall down the depth chart with Rielly, and Blacker set to join the team soon, and the emergence of Gardiner. Burke loves American prospects and Schroeder should fit right into his system.

Vancouver: Loses a 50pt D-Man but gains an all-around good defenceman who doesn't make many mistakes and can fill big minutes that Edler would normally fill. We also gain 2 very skilled, young forwards who can contribute NOW. Not to mention a draft pick!

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Tarasenko would be great, but Gunnarson is not a replacement for Edler. I could see it working if Ballard really was able to step into the top 4 role in Edler's place, but I don't see him returning to 20+ points anytime soon. He seems on track to improve his consistency and reliability, but little else, so we can't just lose Edler's 40-50 points and hope Gunnarson at ~20 points will fill the hole.

Now if Schultz had decided to come here, he could have partnered well with Garrison on the second pairing in the event we knew we weren't going to sign Edler. That would at least make a much more plausible offensive pairing, if still unproven long term at the pro level. But, since we probably are going to re-sign Edler, I think we'll keep him rather than trade him.

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