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Tyler Seguin Outs a Secret Admirer


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I don't think what he did was really "wrong", he didn't say anything negative when he posted it just a simple "I don't know what to say". If he had gone and said something derogatory, then I would have seen an issue with it. And at least he realized he'd outed the guys full name (which is what I feel happened) and deleted it.

And never say all people who live in Massachusetts are ***holes when you live in Massachusetts.
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I think it sucks.

I understand being confused by the feelings associated with that kind of unwanted attention, but posting the words and identity is at the very least insensitive and unthoughtful. Given that there are people out there who specifically hate people on the basis of their sexual preference, he didn't really have to say anything derogatory for it to have been wrong. What I think, however, is that he recognized it was wrong, and therefore deleted it quickly thereafter.

I'd be willing to bet that if he had it to do all over again he wouldn't post it. Of course, I'd be willing to bet that the secret admirer wouldn't do it all again, either. If it were a girl that Tyler had found attractive, we'd never had heard about any of this, and would have tried to hook up with here by now.

My 2¢

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I think it was more to due with him posting it, then quickly rethinking about how some people may find that it appeared to be like he was saying something negative (which I don't think he was trying to do), and deciding to just delete it to avoid any possible backlash.

Seguin also could have just been surprised at the fact that the guy said he thought he was gay.

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