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AV should be on thin ice...


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I'll come right out of the gate ragging on AV this year so that people don't think I'm saying this because of a game we lose, or recent decisions. After all, a clean slate and such? But that can only last for so long.

There are a few things that will have to be looked at with AV, and Gillis should be keeping a close eye this year.

Wacky line-up choices and personal grudges and butt-buddies aside, AV needs to acknowledge the necessity to be willing to change things up once in a while. Same-old same-old isn't going to cut it. Never has, never will. With a shortened season, he's going to need to act fast to keep on top of this team.

With a team like this, it shouldn't be that hard to make the play-offs, and that shouldn't be too much of a concern. But who's to say we wont be subject to another early exit?

The only issue (a serious issue) that AV gets cut slack on this season is prospect development. Although that is a vital issue this man is having... there's no time for that this season.

I say if we don't make Western Finals, AV is gone.

If we are below .500 (for some crazy reason), AV is gone.

AV has had enough chances. He has never been able to adjust. This year is not only lacking in time for his games, but it is also a test for AV. If he can't handle the adjustment that is necessary in a shortened season, he should be gone.

It should be common knowledge by now that a chimp could coach this team to success, and AV's success has been limited to one showing at the finals, and nothing else but disappointment.

And before any of you come on here and tell me of his regular season accolades, turn around and tell that to the GM of a team that needs to worry about regular season success just to sell tickets. We need a playoffs coach, not a regular season "systems" coach.


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That "same-old same-old" coach got us to game seven of the Stanley Cup Finals and helped make this team into a contender. Have no idea why people think teams can just change a coach and nothing will go wrong. AV is a great coach and he tends to be the whipping boy when no one else is performing poorly, the off-season is happening, etc. You're just complaining to complain. You didn't bring up a single good point that was backed up by an example. All in all, this is a pretty poorly constructed argument and I consider that if you truly want to express your opinions about the man like this, take some more time and effort into your posts.

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He's not adaptable. See the Chicago series we barely squeaked through and the Kings series. You can argue he took us to the Stanley Cup finals and game 7 but it's hardly a sound argument because our lineup on paper was arguably the best in the NHL regardless of the coach.

I like the guy, but sometimes (emphasis on SOMETIMES, understanding his motivation for switching players can be rational but makes no difference so often) his line-juggling techniques (see sig, don't take it too seriously) leave everyone scratching their head.

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AV is obviously a good coach but I would like to see him make some minor changes to his gameplan. That being said, I don't think his job will be on thin ice unless we see real struggles (basically the go to reason for why any coach would be on thin ice).

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