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(Proposal) : Luongo for Backstrom (Wash)


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How much more would it take though? He has had a huge decline in production over the last couple season, and is coming off a shortended season where he missed ~40 games because of a concussion.

Say something like Luongo + Shroeder for Backstrom + Holtby/Neuvirth...whoever they would rather part with.

Washington has Ribero and Laich for #1 + #2 center, just try and re-sign Ribero to an extension before you trade Backstrom and still have some leverage.

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First of all, Backstrom has been declining? He put up a point a game last year. By that judgement, the twin must be declining to so we should look into trading them too. NO..

Second why would Washington do that, who is going to fill the vacant hole on the first line? You don’t replace a player like Backstrom. He’s a huge piece of that team. There’s no way Washington would ever do that when they could give up a lot less. AKA ..Johansson and brouwer.

Third, why would Washington do that?

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The thing is, either Backstrom is likely to round into form, and be an integral piece of a contending team. If that is the case, Washington is absolutely not going to trade him...

...OR, he is showing signs of regression, and 1-dimensional play, and the Capitals think it would be better to get rid of him now. If that is the case, Vancouver is absolutely not going to take a 6.7M cap hit for a guy slotted to play 3rd center and 2nd unit PP.

Either way, there is no chance.

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yah maybe when Ovie is on his game. Otherwise he is middle of the pack.











I would even say Kane, Seguin, Elias, Couture, Datsyuk, Kesler, Bergeron are at least debatable!

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