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what would Tallon give up for schneider?

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If Marktrom's performance so far does not make Tallon call MG about either goalie, than he should be fired.

If Schneider was what Tallon wanted- what do u think he would give up?





2013 (lottery pick)




If I was Tallon- I would resign Weiss, keep Huberdeau and Shore and have those 3 as my top3 centers for the next decade.

FLA is going nowhere with the kind of goaltending they have- they can go and draft Drouin but that wont change anything

a fair trade for schneids?

Lottery pick + Matthias for Schneider alone?

what do u think?

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I don't think they'll give up on Markstrom just yet. And I don't think they'll care if they tank the season. It just gives them another great prospect.

Though if Florida does wanna make the playoffs, then they should try and get a good goalie asap. And they have the assets to make MG trade Schneider.

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I agree, teamsthat may need goalie help are going to wait to see what happens with Bernier, look at whats available on the free agent market. Teams who want to stay competitive arent going to give up 2 or 3 solid assets and a 1st or 2nd round pick for one of our goalies, they will go a cheaper route.

I definitely think there was more interest in Luongo last year at the draft, maybe Luongo nixed a decent deal from Toronto and MG maybe was too greedy. Now we are left in a situation where our team needs help: Goal scoring, Right handed d man and 3rd center And 2 goalies who have yet to get into a solid groove.

The best think I can say is keep playing Schneider win or loose see what he can do. As for Tallon he will assess Markstrom the remainder of this year, enjoy a top 5 pick in a great draft and maybe retool his netminding in the off season where he may feel he can get Luongo for even less, or go a different route

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Florida is currently in 30th place. That first round pick alone is worth more than Schneider and our 1st round pick.

Perhaps Schneider for Bjugstaad plus another piece or two could be done at the draft.

EDIT: not another piece or two from Florida. I meant another piece or two on either side, as I'm not sure whether Schneider or Bjugstaad is the more valuable asset.

EDIT 2: I just read about Bjugstaad. I'm not sure Florida would trade him, even for Schneider. If so, I would do Schneider for Bjugstaad straight up, and even add something to it. He is exactly what this team needs.

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