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PM Harper Controlled by Chinese Government?


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Is Harper falling under the control of the Chinese government? Two of their newest agents enter Canada on 10 year visas attempting to subvert our system.


And the Chinese nefariously have even co-opted the PMs wife. How deep does the infiltration of Canadian society go????


Harper was among the dignitaries on hand to greet the newest Chinese diplomats in Canada.

“It’s not every day you get to sign for pandas,” Harper told guests and media at the elaborate event.

He described the pandas as “symbols of peace and friendship with all Canadians.”

“Over the coming years these pandas will help us learn more about one another while serving as a reminder of our deepening relationship, a relationship based on mutual respect and growing collaboration.”


COLLABORATION????? You do not collaborate with the Chinese government... has Harper learned nothing from history?

NOTE - Heavy use of sarcasm

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Damn cute.

the ones in Toronto are adult pairs. Given the chance I will go see it. I don't care about politics in this, even though it is political move. But better dialogue and trade than trade wars or sanctions. With USA economy spluttering, Canada needs to look elsewhere too.

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