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Not much into the twitter game, figured others on here would be of help. Couldnt find anything on google either (not that i looked very hard..)

But has anyone heard any rumours regarding the flyers??? They are bottom of the Atlantic, 13th in the east and are probably looking for a mini "rebuild on the fly" if u will.

They have young pieces like Giroux, cotourier, schenn, voracek, etc...

Could Briere get dealt? Or Timonen?

You can never have enough Centres, plus danny is a playoff performer, and Kimmo is a PP QB! Way better than Edler to IMO.

I know im just blabbing but there is definitely some appealing pieces and logic there...

Also probably looking to buy out bryz..(looking for a goalie)

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Timonen signed a one year extension with the Flyers, and I figure he'll likely be there until he retires.

Briere has a no trade clause, and if I remember correctly he's got no interest in leaving Philly. He'll likely stay there for the duration of his contract unless they decide to buy him out.

If they make any significant move on the goalie front it'll likely be after they decide what they want to do with Bryz. It wouldn't do to be stuck with an overpaid guy you don't want and a quality goaltender who's redundant.

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You should get twitter.. I was the same and not really into it but its pretty much the best news source on the planet now. I just started using it and its awesome.

In 2 seconds you get all the hockey news rumblings from all analysts. They all want to be the first to break the news so as they find out they are tweeting it.

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OP, you don't have to be on twitter to know what's going on in rumours, it's pretty easy to search this forums and see what names from Philly have come up. If there's a rumour out there, it'll get posted here.

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