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Which one of the NHL, WHL, or BCHL entertains you the most for your dollar?

Are you nervous about watching the NHL evolve into a bunch of 2-1 games with only garbage goals?

What about watching a 6-5 game in junior full of odd man rushes, etc?

Is the cultural significance of the Canucks so great that people feel obligated to be fans? You don't have a choice because you "love" the team so much for some reason?

I will probably never have the money to go to more than a few games each year; but if the NHL stays a neutral zone trap game I won't have to make those decisions.

Seeing that the WHL Giants just drafted a star junior Tyler Benson, I wonder if the Canucks will lose their sell-out streak and more fans gravitating towards the WHL.

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If I had to guess, I would say most people who prefer the NHL in my question are the teens and young adults in their early 20's. The same mentality being that 12 graders are cooler than 11th graders.

The attachment to the Canucks may be because its the supposed "highest level"; and young people relate to it more as they strive to reach the "highest" levels in their careers as evolving adults.

Me in my mid 30's, I could care less if NHL hockey is more talented or "desirable" than junior hockey. If anything; defensive coverage sucks in the WHL and there are more exciting scoring chances, etc.

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