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Value of Lucic and Kelly

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I heard Kelly is already on the market and so is Marchand but I do not want him because here there will be no chara or Thornton to save him from his antics

With Kelly we solve our third line center issues because he is good defensively and he can win face offs and chip in with a bit of offense and we all know what the beast lucic can do

Sedins Lucic

Kass kesler burrows

Higgins Kelly Hansen

Richardson gaunce santorelli

4 lines that can produce what would it cost to get these guys booth is probably going to be involved

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It was just rumors that Kelly and Marchand is on the market. In fact, the one who spread the rumor based his rumor on speculation because the bruins traded seguin

It's a amazon how easy some people would buy into rumors like they are facts

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What are you talking about, him coming to Vancouver would be nothing like when Messier came. The city loved him when he helped the giants win the cup back in the day and he even mentioned in many interviews that he would like to come and play in Vancouver after Boston. Unfortunately some classless Canucks fans decided to ruin those chances by taking part in horrible actions such as writing graffiti in his church, throwing popcorn at his grandparents, and the list goes on....

So what, he's classless because he hit Miller? Hordichuk did that to Turco when he was here. He spotpicks his fights? Bieksa does that as well, except he picks his spots even worse. He punches everyone who comes near? I'm sure if Kassian showed that emotion all the time you guys would love him.

God damn, I hate the fact that some Canucks fans ruined our chance at getting a perrenial powerforward who actually wanted to come here

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Only thing I'd take Lucic for is wheel chocks for the team bus. I don't want that classless piece of trash to be associated with the organization in any form whatsoever; it would be Messier 2.0

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