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[Signing] Gagner re-signs for 3 years

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Compared with deals like LeCav, Giroux, et al, don't see this as a problem. Between him, RNH, Eberle, Hall & Yak, 1 or 2 of these guys will move on for D, a top gt, or future 1st rounders. It's a heckuva'lot better than bare cupboards(see Calgary).

As mentioned, will be interesting to see the effect upon Kadri, and/or Hodgson's value.

What's to stop Edm for offering this: RNH & Dubnyk, to NJ, for Schneids & Larsson?

Essentially LL would be opting for a more ready RNH, as opposed to waiting on Horvat's development.

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This is one of those deals that you hate to make, but kinda have to...

Gagne is a tweener centre, not quite talented enough to be a true #1, but not big enough to be a solid 2 way #2 on a team with RNH as your #1.

He's close to free agent age and going to arbitration. They risked loosing him for nothing.

The NMC is a surprise.

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Difficult to compare the Sedins to anyone else... Their situation is so unique. Tough for them to get fair market value, not because they are not worth it, but you because you have to buy the set. It is rare for a team to bring in 2/3rds of a top line at once (well, a team with a winning record anyway).

I see their contracts as a bulk discount.

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Why does the avg fan even worry about the avg overpayment, anyways? Eventually the water will stop at the brim. When the NHLPA reach 50% of whatever revenues exist, crazy contracts will no longer be a possibility. Everyone's just downing the last of the beers before the cops show & the sun rises.

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I think that's a fair deal for both sides. You can't compare contracts today with contracts of 4-5-6 years ago. Hemsky is most certainly not in the Oilers long term plans now tho, both him and Smyth are likely gone after next season. I don't really see any cap issues for Edmonton as much as some fans would love to see that happen.

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Next year they have 9 players signed with 32 million in cap space.

They need to sign a goalie, RNH, Justin Schultz, make space for Nail Yakupov, 4 Defensemen, 5 Forwards, A Back-up Goaltender.

On average that's a little under 3 million per player. I guess in today's NHL you're gonna be a very average team.

Next year they will have















Good luck. They need their prospects to do something. But seeing as how most their 1st round prospects are already in their line up, I'm guess their prospect pool is kinda thin.

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This was market value for a guy who was on pace for 60 points last year and still entering his "prime Years". The Oilers would prefer somebody bigger though. For gods sake, Filpulla got 5.5 million a year! LOL

The Oilers have over 10 Million coming off of the books next year. The cap is going up. The Oilers have over 9 million in cap space right now ties to bonuses. Guys like Hopkins and Schultz are getting raises on cap hits that are already almosy 4 million right now. You have to remember that. They are not signing these guys from a zero standpoint.

Hopkins, yakupov, and Schultz all have a 3 775 000 cap hit each right now because of bonuses. That is why they look like they have no cap space. They will be ok cap wise.

They would love a goalie, but Dubnyk is not "garbage". He put up pretty good numbers behind a defense people make fun of.

The good thing about the Oilers is that they will get all of their top tier players signed. It's the depgh guys they need to fill out the roster properly. That is easier than getting elite players.

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I think Gagner definitely had his best showi last season and that certainly helped bump up that salary. His 14 regular season goals are better than any Canuck. His 38 points were 2nd only to Hall on the Oilers and not to bad when compared with the Sedins 40 and 45 points and well above Canucks 3rd highest point getter, Hansen at 27.

Like someone said, Gagner is only 23, even though with 6 NHL seasons behind him it seems more. I am going to go out on a limb and predict he will put up the most points of any 2nd line NHL centre next season.

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