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Where can I rent a big boat? 15 or so person capacity?


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Does anyone here have any idea where I can rent a relatively nice boat or small yatch for about 15 people. I would want it for the day... I know it must be expensive but we would split the cost between the 15 people.

I've checked Google and found some but nothing that would fit around 15-20 people.

Any help would be much appreciated. It doesn't have to be vancouver 100%... whistler Kelowna vancouver squamish .... where ever near BC

Thanks in advance!

Edit: can be at a lake or sea. We just want to celebrate a birthday on it and possibly have a good time

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Another avenue that might interest you is to just buy tickets for everyone for that party boat in Vancouver, usually get a good band, and it might be more fun to have strangers at your party as well as your guests.

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