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Top 15 All Time WWE Superstars #11

people please


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The Tenth Greatest WWE Superstar of ALL TIME is .....


"The Hardcore Legend"

1) Stone Cold

2) The Undertaker

3) The Rock

4) Hulk Hogan

5) John Cena


6) Bret Hart

7) Shawn Michaels

8) Triple H

9) Ric Flair

10) Mick Foley

Also Goldberg has been added to the poll

Voting Chris Jericho

Nominating Ultimate Warrior

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6-time World Champion.

First ever Undisputed Champion.

A record breaking 9 time Intercontinental Champion.

Savage might be a household name in wrestling, but Jericho had a better overall career, all this competing against bigger names, than him (Austin, The Rock, Triple H, The Undertaker, Michaels, etc).

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Please never compare macho man to Chris Jerico.. Especially when wresting is pre determined by a couple desk jockies..6 time world champ... Who cares ? They could make you the 82 time world champ if they saw fit.. lol..

Record breaking 9 time intercontinental champion.. phh.. Fake stats for the win..

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Chris Jericho is a better wrestler than Savage, he has the same ounce of charisma, and is equally as good as Randy on the mic. Jericho is the complete package in wrestling, that people compared him to a young Shawn Michaels when he debuted in WWE.

Greatest debut in wrestling history.

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How is Triple H even on this list?

How many great/memorable matches has he had........... 0.

Who pays to see Triple H? Well unless he is wrestling the Rock or Taker then you'd pay, but it isn't because of Triple H.

DX was Shawn and the New Age Outlaws. Triple H was the guy who had the man woman as a bodyguard.

Triple H is more overrated then Goldberg and thats only because Triple H can do more then 2 moves. He can do 4, Punch, spine buster, Pedigree and spit water.

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