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My top 5 reasons why I am so excited for this year to start !


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First, I wish to share that I did cancel my season tickets in July after 8 years ... due to frustrations with lack of post season success and the culture of this team!!

I honestly didn't agree with many of managements decisions recently and didn't see any real solutions considering the posturing of the current management and their decisions.

Much has changed ... And I have regretted my decision as a season ticket holder as I am more excited than ever .... Here are my five reasons why !!!

(1) Trading Cory Schneider - I have always been a believer in Luongo and felt inwardly that if we got rid of Luongo ... We would regret that choice. Don't get me wrong, I know how strong of a prospect Schneider is as a prospect, but I truly still believed Luongo was a major component of our success in 2011 and is the best goaltender of Canucks history for a reason!! I'll stick by that faith in Luongo until either Luongo blows up a full season and playoffs with poor performance ... Or Schneider proves himself as a #1 goalie with 40 plus games!!

(2) I lost faith in Vingeault .... I honestly believed after 2011 ... He lost the room a bit with the overall work ethic and commitment to their plan. I honestly believe this group with a different voice can honestly change the culture once again and gain the extra 10% effort needed of all players to regain top recognition as a serious Stanley Cup contender.

(3) Player development/ Canuck Future - We finally have found a way to turn our goalie controversary into a real top prospect. Yes we didn't get true market value for Schneider, but considering the position we were in and all clubs acknowledging that, we got a pretty good result in choosing to continue with Luongo and use Schneider for future top prospect.

(4) Our core group is still intact for the most part. We now have a full 82 game schedule, new voice behind the bench, and hopefully some injury luck to restore a healthy look of what our team can actually be for the next season!! With injection of some up and coming youth ... We now have options at various positions to insert some rookies that may actually be developed by the coaching staff than be benched like Kassian during the early start of last season.

(5) This is our time - this is mostly just faith and hope that perhaps things will come together like a perfect storm. It happens with all organizations at some point and as a long time fan since the 70's ... I truly believe perhaps we are due for a little magic and luck to come our way !!!!

I know many will disagree ... But if you do ... Perhaps list your top 5 encouraging topics going into this season that have you excited rather than criticizing my areas of hope !!!

Look forward to hearing your point of views !!!!

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How long will it take you to start complaining if they don't do well this season? Maybe these kids need a year, maybe we miss the playoffs cause of realignment.. What then? Will you cheer for another team? My point being that they can win the pres twice in a row, go to the show less than 3 years ago, and still at least make the playoffs last year, and you cancel your tickets? I dunno man, but one thing I would be excited about if we did suck for the next few years is having the fair weather fans weeded out of the long grass of team success..

I'm excited too, and have been since the last time I watched them play. It's always exciting to see where the team is going, and to support them to help encourage their best play, for better or for worse.

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