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pizza and beer

Twilight Sparkle

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Yeah, wings with blue cheese dip are pretty hard to beat.

can never go wrong with wings, as long as you have a pint with you, you're good to go =3

Before he moved, me and a buddy would go to the pub on cheap wings night for the Canucks games. So we'd get all the wings we could eat and we'd get a pitcher or two of beer to go with them.

Tons of fun

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honestly, i've never really been one for beer and pizza. beer just fills me up too much.

but pizza is probably my favourite food. top 3 at least. good god. i don't eat it nearly as much as i'd love to, but if i had the money and calories didn't exist, i could probably eat pizza every single day and never get sick of it, it's so versatile and delicious

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im probably like one of the minority who hate pineapples on my pizza. dont get me wrong i love pineapples but i never ever liked them on my pizza


people look at my ilke i've got twelve eyes when i tell them like pineapple on pizza

i think you're in the vast majority

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