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Open discussion: Can Evander Kane change his rep as a Vancouver Canuck?

"Bull" Horvat

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Simply as the topic title suggests,

I'm just seeing the fans' point of view..

Perhaps going home and life with family can keep his ego under the roof? Or would he become a Zach Hamill (off ice-wise) & you know, not conduct himself like a professional?

Could the leadership group on the team weather him over and show him what it's supposed to be like as a leader of a NHL team?

And one of the most enticing question to many Canuck fans... who would he play with? Whose gonna be his center?

Although the Winnipeg Jets are entertaining calls for Kane, what do we have to offer? Our one and only favorite trade block go-to guy Alexander Edler?

Feel free to express your opinions/guesses on how Kane could turnout here in the 604.

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Evander Kane is not a member of the Canucks, so this does not belong in Canucks Talk. Your title is also misleading as it makes it sound as if Kane is a Canuck (or, if we want to get grammatical, your sentence structure is unclear as it makes it sound as though Kane has an existing reputation as a Vancouver Canuck).

Also, this is being covered thoroughly in the existing thread about the Jets potentially fielding offers for him.

Sorry to be that guy.

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I live in Winnipeg and follow the Jets closely. Kane is well liked by the majority of the fans here, and is not going to be traded unless some kind of ridiculous package is offered. Most if not all of the brouhaha about his attitude is completely fabricated/blown out of proportion.

So can everyone on this board please get over it? Our Canucks simply don't have the trade pieces to even garner a look from Chevy if (thats a BIG if) he's is actually shopping Kane.

It's far more likely that Noel is gone before Kane is, as he has really fallen short of expectations.

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