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Omnibus Proposal (Laich, Roussel, Lucic, Comeau, O'Brien, Desjardins)

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ANTOINE ROUSSEL for Zack Kassian

Watching ROUSSEL play, he is more methodical and consistent than Kassian. Everyone keeps regurgitating patience and nurturing when it comes to Kassian who was traded up front for Hodgeson, but, in this league it's win now or plan on it later and then see where the apples poop.

What a game! 6-1 for Dallas

BROOKS LAICH for Jannik Hansen

BROOKS LAICH is a character guy with leadership skills, sound play, easy and steady whose not afraid to uphold the code on the ice. He can produce as well and has an all round good pedigree. Play him with Kesler and the situation might be more complimentary than the on-ice yuk fest with Hansen.

MILAN THE MAN LUCIC and KEVAN MILLER for Schoreder, Edler, and Bo Horvat

If we need to win now, you better not take a wait and see approach with Horvat. I'm just sayin, our scouting staff has proven for two decades that they STINK at choosing players. Since we've come this far in spite of that department, (only to see us crap out this season), I'd go for the proven stud. Kevan Miller... I have a funny feeling could turn out swell.

BLAKE COMEAU for second round pick

As opposed to the dalpe types who are unoticable.

SHANE O'BRIEN for Jason Garrison

I long for the days Shane provided that positive distraction. Instead, Gillis opts for the cardboard personality types.

CEDRICK DESJARDINS for third round pick

Talking to someone who goes to AHL games, Desjardins has been mentioned multiple times. I'd venture to believe its better to build on the momentum we've had over the past year of adding and not substracting all-star netminders....uh, sorry, I mean lets at least add a decent AHL star netminder who is could well be NHL ready. One factor taken into consideration is that he plays in front of a goalie who carried the Latvian national team to within two goals to the semi finals.

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