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Corrado called up


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Bieksa didn't look too comfortable after that hit yesterday.

How is it that Garrison has been our healthiest D man, and yet his performance has been amongst the worst!?

Because when you don't do F-all, it's easy to stay healthy lol.

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Corrado is solid but doesn't score.

Weber scores but makes terrible plays. Re : The Colorado goal where he took one guy, let him slip, then stood there as Duchene drove to the net. Shaking your head afterwards doesn't help your case, buddy.

I still don't see why Hamhuis-Bieksa were broken up. But with Juice being injured the point is moot.

Edler - Garrison

Hamhuis - Weber

Stanton - Corrado

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It's certainly a blow to Utica's playoff aspirations but the Canucks D needs healthy bodies.

I am glad that Corrado will get the opportunity to try to erase some of the poor play from his earlier call-up. Prior to this season, many people considered Corrado to be a capable replacement for Tanev (if moved), and many others had him penciled in to the 2013-14 Canucks roster.

During the last call-up, Frankie looked shaky and far from ready for regular NHL duties.

And while he's had an OK season with Utica, he has also struggled during portions of the Comets' AHL season (although that can also be said for the entire team). There's no doubting that Corrado's been one of their top Ds but he hasn't had the kind of "dominant" season that many people had hoped for (especially after expectations were raised--perhaps unfairly--when he'd come up and looked like an NHL regular for Vancouver at the close of the 2012-13 season).

This season (as far as NHL call-ups have gone), Corrado hasn't looked much better than Yann Sauve. And while Sauve has had something of a "bounce back" 2013-14 season, he has in no way improved to the point where he should be considered a comparable NHL prospect to Corrado. The fact that Corrado and Sauve were called-up during the same period for the Canucks makes it even worse that Corrado did little to separate himself as the superior prospect.

Torts wasn't around when Corrado looked so tantalizingly close to NHL ready in 2012-13. All he's seen, to date, is a kid who looks pretty far away from being ready for full-time NHL duties. I hope that changes.

I'd love to see Corrado come up and play rock solid minutes that earn him the trust of Torts and the coaching staff. It would be great to see him play his way into some higher icetime (like pushing 20:00 TOI) and an expanded role (play in all situations, with high QoT and against high QoC).

A handful of very strong NHL games and Corrado could quite possibly work his way back to where he was almost one year ago (when he looked like a real option for "next season").

And while getting back to where he was a year ago might not sound like progress, after everything that's gone on this year (both for the Canucks and the Comets), I'd take a return to 2012-13 form (and expectations) as a "win" for Corrado (and for this organization).

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