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[Official] Toronto Blue Jays Major League Baseball thread

The Stork

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Not the way you would have liked it to happen....


If Devers doesn't have trouble getting that out of his glove, we're probably still playing. Horrible baserunning by Vladdy on that Schneider flyout....in that situation, you have to get to third....


2 wins in a row where they were more lucky than good....maybe the baseball Gods don't hate us as much as we might have thought.

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The Jays, now, somehow, have an 84% of making the playoffs after tonight's game (I guess taking scheduling and other factors into account)

I think most figured they were finished a week ago (including me)

This has been a strange season

Now hoping they finish 6th so they can play Minny rather then TB, but I certainly can't genuinely complain about that

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My last post on this forum as I thought it was shutting down but here is my rant on the Blue Jays:


Another playoff sweep means major changes have to be made. John Schneider is nothing more than a yes man, how could the players trust he has their back after that inexcusable decision to pull Berrios when he is pitching great after 3 innings? I will not support this team until Schneider and Atkins are fired. The Jays will not go anywhere with these losers in charge. Analytics? What a f**king joke. These nerds have no business near a pro sports team.


 Vlad the future and face of the franchise?  Well, he needs to get in shape and start taking things seriously.  I don't get the sense he has the qualities to raise his game when it really matters.  The team needs a major overhaul as it is clear this group does not have what is takes.  Too many dumb mistakes, laziness and cannot make adjustments.


Jays are a joke.


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