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Adam Rockwood as a Draft Option (6th round pick?)

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- Same league Jamie Benn was drafted out of.

- Late birthday and so it is his draft year.

- Higher P/PG than Jamie Benn had

- BC Born

- Committed to Wisconsin (Div 1 NCAA School)


GP 57

Goals 13

Assists 61

PIM: 26

5'10 175

Could be a real steal. Thoughts??

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Do we really need a new thread for a possible 6th round draft pick in the Canucks forum? I can see in the ongoing draft thread, but otherwise this should just go in the Junior Hockey Discussion forum - at least until he actually becomes a Canucks prospect.

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Under 6 foot, I'm done with midgets, even though they're taking over the league in the form of Gallagher, Gerbe, St. Louis, Desharnais, Briere, Zuccarello, Krug, Johnson, Shaw, Brown....

Anybody else hoping Schroeder is just another late blooming little guy? XD

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size could be an issue. Benn had that going for him, he looked like an ambulatory masonary outhouse in junior

Especially when you look at some old articles on him. Going back several years you can basically trace him growing regularly from 5'4" to 5'10" and then he just stops getting taller. He's actually been 5'10" for the last 2 years. He's put on 20 lbs since 2012 but he just doesn't seem like a guy who's going to get any taller. I suppose a late spurt is possible but most guys who stay the same height from 16 to 18 are still that height at 20.

So yeah, size concerns are there.

But for a 6th round pick, it's a crap shoot and he clearly has upside (in terms of skill/talent) so I'd probably be talking positives more than negatives if we actually ended up drafting him.

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5th in the league in points, and led the league in assists.

Put up very comparable numbers to Adam Tambellini (less goals though and less size of course) did in his draft year, and he was a 3rd round pick who had a very good year in the Dub this year. So sure why not, I would take a flyer on him in the 6th or 7th.

Plus I know his brother and they're from my hometown so that would be pretty cool.

His brother is huge, like 6'3 220, so maybe theres an off chance he will catch up a bit later on.

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