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Mafia 117: Stars Hollow- game on!


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SK kill Burr imo.

still better than saying nothing. 5(?) of 8 people left are anti-town and you can't come up with another player you want to see lynched?

Why Burr? This looks really shady. Considering theres 4/5 mafia left and probably 3 tp left, you would be a great target to be killed by the SK.

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Pretty obvious that apples is mafia lol

How? My neck wasn't even on the line.

Last 2 votes, everyone just followed the crowd and we ended up lynching 2 tps. Not doing that again, plus when theres probably half of the remaining players that are mafia members, they will try to pile and sway the votes.

Not sure if I'm allowed to invite people to the PM I had gbassi, but if its a allowed I will. Pretty sure it doesnt mean much, but w.e lol

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