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(Proposal/Discussion) Biggest 3-way in NHL history

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I'm pretty sure, that this is not the first time Benning and Chiarelli have been discussing. In fact, beside Anaheim (for the Kesler trade), i think Chiarelli is the GM he talked to the most since being hired.

They are probably still good "friend" and talk often, not necessarily about trading.

After a long night of chatting, Benning and Chiarelli finally concluded their brutally long conversation.

Benning was like, "so whatcha wearing Chiarelli?"

"Ahhrg this ugly Bruins jersey, but lets talk trade" muttered Chiarelli.

"But we already have a deal in place with Marc over in Montreal...Are you drunk again?" said Benning as he grabbed some official NHL paperwork.

The documents read the following:

Trade Approved.

To Vancouver

M. Subban (from BOS)

PK Subban (from MTL)

To Montreal

1st round pick (VAN)

2nd round pick (VAN)

1st round pick (BOS)

​A. Burrows

F. Corrado

A. Edler

1 million Canadian dollars (straight in to Marc Bergevin's pocket of course)

To Boston

Z. Kassian (The only other team I could see him becoming successful if things don't work out here)

E. Lack

3rd round pick (VAN)

2nd round pick (MTL)
3rd round pick (MTL)
Half of a million Canadian dollars (right into Chiarelli's private bank)
Call up Jensen or Shinkaruk to replace Burr. Then call up Markstrom to back-up Millertime.
PK Subban will take care of any doubts we had on our dmen. Then in a year or two, the other Subban bros will be NHL ready and we will have the ultimate chemistry prowess from our defense.
Boston will be getting a fairly cheap power forward in Kassian who still has some untapped potential, and a decent back-up in Lack. Good draft picks along with half a mil under the table... It's a no brainer if you ask me.
Montreal will be getting a proven top 4 dman in Edler, based on his performance so far this year. Corrado, a potential top 6 defenseman at the very least. Burrows the Ball Hockey Hall of Famer. They'll also be receiving a nice amount of high end draft picks. And all that cash that will not be accounted for.
Which later on becomes the biggest 3-way trade in NHL history.
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Not a chance a trade of that magnitude happens, especially in the middle of the season. Also money has been untradeable for a long time...


Pretty sure bribe money paid directly to GM has been illegal since forever.

lol, you really think this guy is serious?

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