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Mafia: Arrested Development (Game Over)


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Just going to point out a few things in case you guys were too lazy to read the OP.

Serial Killer & Blocker Faction - The serial killer/blocker(s) are their own faction. They have the choice of killing or blocking a player once each nightfall. The only way the sk's can win is by being the last one(s) standing (difficult but has happened on several occasions).

Mafia Nurse - Like the Doctor, the Mafia Nurse chooses one player to protect, except the mafia nurse only does so every odd-numbered round. If a killing faction (Vigilante, Serial Killer or Twinblade) try to kill a player the nurse has selected for saving, their kill will not go through. The Mafia Nurse cannot self-save this game. As with the Doctor role, the Mafia Nurse's save only applies to one kill attempt per target, per round.

Kingpin - Kryten Edit: in this game, the Kingpin investigation takes place every even-numbered round and CAN submit kills if he/she is the last mafia standing. THE KINGPIN WILL NOT START GAME IN CONTACT WITH MAFIA TEAMMATES!!!

Cornballer - The Cornballer is an inanimate, moveable object in the game, assigned to a random player at the beginning of the game. This player will be blocked from their ability yet will be protected from a kill (not a lynch) for that round's nightfall. However, he/she will have to pass on the Cornballer to someone else in the game afterward. Two names will need to given to the GM by the end of the round - one of those names given will be chosen at random and that player will be given the Cornballer once the new round begins. The original holder of the Cornballer will not know which player was chosen. The player given the Cornballer will not know who gave it to him/her. If one of the two players whose names are given is killed off that night, the second player will automatically receive the Cornballer. If both given names are killed, the Cornballer will be taken out of the game. If the holder of the Cornballer is lynched, the Cornballer will be taken out of the game. If the holder of the Cornballer forgets to submit two names, the Cornballer will be re-assigned randomly to another player in the game. The same player cannot receive the Cornballer more than once every three rounds.

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