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Jim Benning on Hockey Prospect Radio 02/21/15


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Interesting -- the host had Virtanen rated 9th and McCann 10th. McCann fell in the draft yet 2-3 teams called Benning for him before he picked.

The co-host, Russ Cohen.

I think the main host, Shane Malloy, had him at 7th if I remember correctly. I'm not sure where he had McCann.

I have their draft show from last year but I'd have to dig through my downloads to find it.

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Interesting -- the host had Virtanen rated 9th and McCann 10th. McCann fell in the draft yet 2-3 teams called Benning for him before he picked.

Maybe teams picking just behind JB (25-30) that weren't expecting him to fall?

They were probably surprised he dropped to an affordable range to trade up to (#24) - my guess is that some of the teams behind us even started calling GMs above our pick (#18-23 range) when they saw McCann starting to slip

But then again I seem to remember the story going something like Benning's phone starting to ring about McCann right after Benning made the selection - it's one of the two

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Some crib notes for the lazy or at work like myself.


- likes his 2 way game, felt his compete level has always been strong

- grew up around professional hockey

- feels Cole is patient in waiting for a play to open up before passing

- likes his physical side

- Coach Green thinks highly of him, excited to have him.

- believes Cole has a bright future with Canucks


- good at getting the puck through

- offensive minded defenseman

- impressed with vision


- big physical intimidating guy

- likes to finish checks, makes forwards scared to go into corners for pucks

- Benning says he has a great first pass

- believes he will be in AHL for development


- strong 2 way game

- likes his size and physicality, will match up well vs LA.

- says he's developing well, right on track

- believes he can be a PKer and physical guy for us.


- not afraid to put him in a bottom 6 role

- has size to go to tough areas for scoring chances

- wants to develop as a goal scorer


- rugged defense first type guy

- last month or so has become crucial for Utica, logging big minutes

- intimidating guy, will transition well to NHL

- says he has 'taken the next step'


- walks the blue line very well

- believes he can be a power play guy

- manages to get shots through and find angles

- will be a special player

Sorry did this on mobile, some bad auto correct.

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Man, thanks for posting these, listened to them like 4 times.

Benning seems particularly interested in our most recent draft, probably because they're his guys. I'm convinced he sees all three (Virtanen, McCann, Demko) as NHLers. There's probably a high likelihood they do make it, but the unnecessary sell job might be more indicative of real confidence in the three.


- powerful skater, powerforward gets in on forcheck, creates havoc

- likes his speed and size, says that's impossible to contain in the nhl right now

- compares his style to Dustin Brown or Chris Kreider

- Benning says he plays a 200 ft game (actually mentioned his defence a fair bit)

- feels he will be a huge part of our future

- a versatile player that could play an energy role and work his way up

- hard shot that challenges goalies


- strong 2 way game, good defensive player

- good at C or LW

- surprised he fell, had him ranked higher, received calls about him at the draft

- very smart player with good offensive instincts

- can play an aggressive physical style or switch to skilled play ('edge' to him)

- great release on shot


- Benning saw him play at BC ~8 times last season

- nearly impossible to score on him down low

- able to stop shots above pads with fast hands

- big goaltender new standard

- believes with some development will be a starter in the NHL

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