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S N Y P E R S 7

whois a better fit for Vancouver? NIck Merkly or Konnecy? based on our current range of prospect those 2 guys might be in our radar. both are smallish players, both are offensive, one is more offensive one is more physical who is better?


I am not very high on Nick Merkley, he lacks dynamics in any single area, but is sufficient in all areas and works extremely hard; I love the way Konecny plays, however, he will most likely be a winger if he gets drafted here. Size is important in the circle, especially here in our conference. He is dynamic as a physical and offensive presence, and you must commend a player of that stature of his confidence and bravery in choice of play-style.

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@S N Y P E R S 7

Would you consider Noah Hanifin and Ivan Provorov 'Drew Doughty' type of players who log a lot of minutes and can contribute on the rush?

I think Noah Hanifin is going to be one of those generational talents whose ceiling is unpredictable to read. Depending on his development and what other positive elements he continues to display, and add, to his game, he could be one of those franchise cornerstone guys that contribute in all three areas of the ice equally effectively.

Provorov has all of the tools, however, his offensive potential is a bit over-hyped. A lot of the plays that he makes at the junior level are conservative, which is a good sign, but when he makes risky plays and is rewarded, the media blows them up as game-breaking potential signs. These are the types of things that will not work at the next level, as he will need to showcase a whole other level of speed and maturity of the puck to ensure that his style does, in fact, translate to this level.

In terms of potential, he could be very very good.

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Barzel at 14 please, like us picking Carlo tho. he has all the tools to be a Chris Tanev, with a more offensive potential

Carlo reminds me a ton of Jay Bouwmeester. The defensive responsibility, but like, the knowledge of his own end. The mastery of it and how he can make decisions so quick.

Also has mobility and athletic ability.

A ton of potential.

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