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Bench Vey, Mattias Center 3rd line, Kassian 3rd line, Burrows 1st


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Time for the shakeup.

Vey has had some lousy games, needs benching.

Mattias may not be that good with the draws... but he plays better at center.

Magic with Kassian and the Sedins is dead... time to move him to a line with Mattias, get the two big bodies together along with Dorsett and get some bumping and crashing happening.

Burrows to the 1st line... Needs to re-kindle the Sedins and get going himself.


Sedin Sedin Burrows

McMillan Bonino Vrbata

Dorsett Mattias Kassian

Kenins Horvat Hansen

All lines after the first are 2nd lines.

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And the *Buzzsaw* threads just keep on coming! :rolleyes:

Here is how he works: If the team wins; Buzzsaw makes a positive comment about a certain player or skill of a certain player.Eg Vrbata, hence why I made :rolleyes: in that thread

If the team loses Buzzsaw will make a certain negative comment about a certain player or attack the coach's rookie mistakes. It's your daily dose of Buzzsaw, makes a thread every game keep it up Buzzsaw :towel:

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How about you actually comment on the substance of the thread bozo?

hahahaha how many times are we going to begg for the Coach to juggle lines lol It never happens, Rookie errors of Willie D this year.

1. bad Powerplay units

2. Not giving Bobby Sang a chance in Buffalo

3. play Markstorm against Sanjose

4. laying way too much trust into the core

5. Not adjusting the system against bigger teams

6. Not holding players accountable

7. Benches Clendenning, yet he is the only guy on this team who can make a quick pass from his zone.

oh there is far more, keep it buzzsaw you make me :)

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