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[News] Man Pays $150000 to look like Dale Weise

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A supporter of Canadians residing in the Plateau-Mont- Royal, has definitely found an original way to show support for their favorite team. Stéphane Gauthier , a computer 35 years , underwent a total of 13 cosmetic surgeries , worth $ 153.500 , to be like his hero Dale Weise .

The young man says caressing the dream for years and be very happy with the result of the surgeries ."I really admire Dale Weise ! " Gauthier says , enthusiastically . "I really want to be like him tough, working and beautiful! This really is my hero! Now I can say I like him for real! »

Dale Weise became a hero in the province after scoring 2 goals of the tricolor in the third game of the series between Montreal and Ottawa. Many tattoo artists in the region we have confirmed having spent the day doing tattoos in his likeness on Canadiens fans .

Rough translation from google translate.

Is this real life?

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Guest Dasein

LOL Le Journal De Mourréal is fake - sorry to kill the buzz but it's basically The Onion

Read any other articles - there's one announcing that Weise will have his jersey retired after last night's performance

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Dale fricking Weise. I can't believe this guy. Played like garbage for us, goes to Montreal, and he's a hero everywhere. Makes me laugh, cause I used to joke about how bad he was whenever I played NHL 13 with my buds. Joke's on me now.

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