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STHS Hockey League Fantasy Draft Thread

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Fantasy Draft

Draft Start Date: May. 28th

Rounds: 36 Rounds

Time Limits

Draft clock will stop between Midnight and 7:00am

1st Round: No Limit

2nd - 6th Round: 24 Hours

7th - 12th Round: 12 Hours

13th - ...: 6 Hours

· Any trades need to be approved prior to picking and both GM's need to agree to the trade (PM Spoderman and myself with the included trade)

· The Fantasy Draft will consist of 36 rounds

· This draft will be a snake draft which means if you pick 1st in round 1 you will pick 60th in round 2

· Fantasy draft picks can be traded but you must always come out of a trade with 36 picks

· Time limits will be imposed once a draft start date is determined

· If your time limit expires YOU WILL BE SKIPPED. If you are skipped you may make up your pick at any time

· GM's can send a draft list to me. The draft list must include more than 3 players in case of a selection by another GM

· A new "Draft Thread" will be created. Please keep all draft related talk, selections, etc... in the draft thread as this will reduce clutter for me while I try to weed out the picks. Comments and conversations about the league, etc... are to be posted in the main thread

· Please refrain from mentioning player names before they have been picked

· Have fun

Draft Spreadsheet

Player Ratings (Unassigned List)

Player Ratings (Player's assigned to a team)

Fantasy Draft Trades

To medium.png 58th, 63rd

To medium.png 23rd, 142nd


To medium.png50th, 71st, 191st

To medium.png41st, 80th, 200th


To medium.png 88th, 93rd, 213th, 273rd, 693rd

To medium.png 63rd, 98th, 218th, 278th, 698th


To medium.png113th, 127th

To medium.png 77th, 224th


To medium.png 75th, 226th

To medium.png99th, 141st
To medium.png114th, 247th, 534th, 847th, 1027th
To medium.png158th, 203rd, 263rd, 398th, 503rd
To medium.png 129th, 171st, 231st, 411th

To medium.png135th, 165th, 225th, 376th


To medium.png 181st, 240th, 300th, 301st, 360th, 361st, 420th, 480th

To 483288048.png 210th, 211th, 270th, 271st, 330th, 390th, 450th, 510th


To medium.png214th, 267th, 447th

To medium.png225th, 250th, 430th


To medium.png 227th, 314th

To medium.png 253rd, 288th


To medium.png253rd, 347th

To medium.png289th, 312th


To medium.png 312th, 374th

To medium.png 290th, 410th


To medium.png 254th, 410th

To medium.png 291st, 376th


To medium.png376th, 407th

To medium.png 292nd, 532nd
To medium.png 271st, 330th, 390th, 510th, 600th, 1021st

To 483288048.png 245th, 356th, 416th, 536th, 605th, 1025th


To medium.png270th, 421st, 450th, 1025th

To 483288048.png250th, 430th, 507th, 1047th


To medium.png 315th, 346th, 406th, 586th

To medium.png 304th, 357th, 417th, 597th


To medium.png 405th, 411th

To medium.png 367th, 427th


To medium.png 416th, 661st

To 483288048.png 414th, 667th


To medium.png 451st, 480th

To medium.png 424th, 544th


To medium.png 510th, 656th

To medium.png 531st, 550th

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STHS Tampa Bay Lightning Fantasy Draft Selections

#21 C Anze Kopitar

#40 D Drew Doughty

#81 W Johnny Gaudreau

#100 D TJ Brodie

#140 W Marian Hossa

#160 D Karl Alzner

#187 G Jonas Hiller

#234 C Eric Staal

#261 W Andrew Cogliano

#280 D Calvin de Haan

#320 W Nick Spaling

#381 W Steve Moses

#398 W Alexander Semin

#440 D Kevan Miller

#441 C Kyle Brodziak

#460 G Andrew Hammond

#501 C Nic Petan

#520 G Zach Fucale

#561 D Adam Pardy

#580 W PE Bellemare

#621 C Manny Malhotra

#640 C Jordan Weal

#681 W Tyler Bertuzzi

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I'll break the ice folks!

Caps have traded their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th round picks for Dis's 1st, 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st, 32nd, 33rd, 34th, 35th, 36th round picks. With that Caps select Cindy Crosby. Deadlock is broken!!!

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