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[Value of] Marcus Johansson

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Since the end of the playoffs ended for the Caps this year, the number 1 consensus need for upgrade was a RW to play with Ovechkin and Backstrom. They have had revolving doors with Joel Ward, Troy Brouwer, Eric Fehr, Andrei Burakovsky...however none of them seemed to perfectly suit the pair together.

Since Joel Ward is likely to part ways being too high price for the Caps to resign and Burakovsky is better suited on the left wing the Caps are flooded with depth on the Left side. Ovechkin can play RW to balance it off but prefers the left side. You have a flurry between Johansson, Burakovsky, up and comer Vrana (who was moved to LW playing with the Hershey Bears), Chimera, O'Brien. As I have read some articles on Marcus Johansson, the Caps love what he does but want to make room for guys like Burakovsky and Vrana in the top six. As MoJo is a RFA this year, the general consensus is that a long term deal is not likely to be done with him.

But he is a great two-way player who reached record highs this season with 20 goals and 47 points playing just about 16 mins per game. He plays either wing and can even do spot duty at centre if need be. Isn't a small guy at 6'1'' 205 pounds and is a very smart player. Some could say that his numbers have been inflated due to playing with Ovechkin on the PP, but he can certainly hold his own.

At 24, as a RFA already doing his bridge deal and proving more than enough that he can be a top six contributor, the speculation is that his salary range would be from 4 mil - 4.5 mil which seems reasonable now a days for a top six player. Sounds like the Caps have a great player right? Yes its true but they still have that glaring hole on the right side and the eventual want to graduate Burakovsky and Vrana into the top six in the next few years.

Now for Vancouver.... could we find a way to snag a deal to bring Marcus Johansson here? What would the value take to get him and would a premier scorer like Radim Vrbata by chance fulfill that need for the Capitals? Not suggesting a straight up deal but could there be a deal possibly surrounding these two guys?

He could fit nicely in the top six playing as the LW and still help on the powerplay. Smart player who sees the ice well as a playmaker and is defensively responsible as well. Not dynamic skater but has good enough speed to burn opposition. Not an aggressive player but doesn't shy away from contact. His 20 goals weren't fluke either as he was challenged to shoot more and he answered and potted some goals. I feel his opportunity in Washington is limited and with a bigger opportunity here in Vancouver he could breakout to be a lot better than people expect or even thought he could be.

Ideally I would expect this more to be like a deadline deal than a summer deal but either way I could live with either or.

I wouldn't oppose would you?

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I’m a huge caps fan and watch almost as many caps games as I do canucks. Johansson is a very skilled player with great hockey IQ the only problems is he is honestly as soft as butter. He’s not the type of guy that I see Benning and Linden envisioning as a future canucks type mold. With Kassian and Virtanen on the RW I don’t know if it makes a lot of sense for Vancouver to go after him although there is no questioning his talent.

Honestly a good destination for a player like Johansson to be moved to is, Edmonton. He is a natural center so he gives Oilers a stop gap not to rush Leon or McDavid into a top 6 position (although we all know they will). When they do develop he easily slides on to the wing filling out their top 6 spot. If I’m the caps the right wing I want back is Yakupov. Caps seem to like their Russians and Yakupov could use an older Russian vet to bring his game along. It wasn’t too long ago when another Russian RW was on that top line putting up 30+ goal seasons. Between Kuznetzov and Yakupov Caps could have another strong offensive punch that teams would have to deal with.

As far as the caps go, I just read an article that Ward would like to stay in Washington and he was their most important piece during this playoff run (outside Holtby) so I can see something being worked out. Holtby will be getting a raise but Green leaving frees up some cap space and Bowey/Orlov replaces his spot on the point. Caps would love to move the walking injury Laich and his cap hit so I’m sure they will be market whether there will be any takers is another question.

Think the capitals will want Patrick Sharp instead, since he will be on the block due to Hawks salary cap.

Sharp makes sense too.

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Johansson getting moved soon is a real possibility. Caps are at over 50 million already, and need to re-sign Holtby and Kuznetsov, along with filling another half-dozen roster spots. Re-signing MJ will make things very tight for them.

Not sure if Vrbata and his 5 million cap hit is a fit though.

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