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[Article] Why not Cody Franson

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Why not take a year and see where our prospects are at? Let’s give Clendening and Corrado a fair opportunity. Who knows by this time next year they may have solidified our top four and we no longer have to look at UFA. We finally have some D prospects that look like they can play at the NHL level and people already want to replace their opportunity with an overpriced UFA that doesn’t solidify canucks long term goals.

How much better off will the canucks be in the long term if we can develop our own PMD. Clendening likely won’t hit the Subban, Doughty, or Karlsson level, but he could still become a solid PP specialist D that consistently puts up 40+ points in a top 4 role. The guy has done it at every level, let’s give him the opportunity to find that level in the NHL.

Developing our own prospects and building them to be part of our core for the long term vs signing an ok UFA, for big $ and is likely gone before the next core starts to make an impact.

Put it this way, if we take this season and develop a couple of our prospects, then by next season if Clendening can become a 30-40 or higher point D. Are we not better off in the long term with a 24 year old Clendening (who will continue to improve) signed at a cheap cap hit, than having Franson putting up the same numbers signed for 5+ mill?

All it takes is one year. One year of mainly focusing on player development, and we set ourselves up for the long term. It doesn’t mean tank, it means building the youth in our rosters’ confidence. Putting them in key situations and see how well they can handle the roles. We could still very well make the playoffs, it all depends on how fast players like Clendening, Corrado, Baertschi, Horvat, Vey, and possible Virtanen develop,

Last season the flames got a ton out of their youth, not just Monahan and Johnny, guys like Jooris, Granlund, Brodie and even Ferklund stepped up in playoffs. Without them stepping up Flames would have been near the bottom of the league. Canucks are in the same position this year, our season really depends on how well and quickly our youth can develop, and honestly, that is what makes next season exciting. There’s not a lot in terms of expectations but we can still got a lot to be excited about. We get to see new faces (that are still in the honeymoon faze of making the NHL) come in and show themselves off. We get to see these young players work their butt off and not take their NHL role for granted. Night in and night out we will see top effort. And who knows when the dust is settled, maybe we do get so see some playoff hockey.

I say no to Franson, yes to Corrado and Clendening

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