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Man arrested twice for singing Justin Bieber


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DUNBAR, W.Va. (WSAZ) -- A man was arrested twice Tuesday trying to sing Justin Bieber songs at two different schools in Dunbar, police say.

Officers say Dloantie Lewis walked into Dunbar Middle School -- demanding to sing over the intercom.

Police took Lewis to Thomas Memorial Hospital and cited him for having marijuana.

A few hours later, police say Thomas showed up at Kiddie College, located at a church in South Charleston, and made a scene there.

Lewis was arrested a second time and taken to jail.

The incidents caused temporary lockdowns at both places



Can't the man just sing? 

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Its like these idiots think up a plan........"what's something really stupid I can do that's not dangerous.  Not going to get me into any serious trouble with the police.  But will make me famous"

He probably doesn't even get charged if he remembered to leave his marijuana in the car, instead of bringing it with him into a school.  That's really stupid actually.

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