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Canucks recall Biega from Utica


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nono GMJB's just circumventing the rules as he sees fit, shanny approved it.


welcome to the old boys club, where conditioning stints and emergency recalls are just tools in the fight against equality


Chris Tanev is out today. He's day-to-day. #Canucks


Feel a little foolish now? It's not always a 'conspiracy'.

Unless of course your post was sarcasm in which case, the use of "<_<" would make it more clear.

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He is small with limited offensive potential, which diminished his attractiveness as a legit NHL prospect. Very impressed with him last game, and during his last call-up (he had around 8 hits one game). High energy, physical, and solid defensively. 

He played close to four minutes short handed and over 18 minutes for the game. 

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Great game Biega Ithink he's energy and a quick stick...and feisty. Plays bigger than his size....we should keep him till Sbisa's better.

Because of lack of cap space I don't think the Canucks CAN keep Biega once they get another healthy defenceman, so assuming Tanev gets back before Sbisa, he'll end the emergency conditions under which Biega was called up.

Biega was called up under emergency conditions.  If one looks at hockeyscap.com as I type this (11:33 a.m. Nov 10) Vancouver shows as having negative cap space--$403,751.  The only reason they are able to have Biega on the roster is that it was an emergency-they were down to fewer than six healthy defencemen.

Once Tanev is healthy enough to play the emergency conditions won't be in effect and the Canucks won't be able to keep Biega without doing something to get under the cap.

They could deal with that by putting Sbisa on long-term injury reserve, but I don't think the Canucks expect him to be out long enough to want him on LTIR.

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