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David Sheilds talk (PTO)


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4 hours ago, Alflives said:

Never heard of the guy.  Is he someone who could come up and play when we trade Tanev?  That could really help our rebuild if he is.

Never heard... :lol: Hmm this is your post from the first page:

On ‎12‎/‎12‎/‎2015 at 3:04 PM, Alflives said:

Sounds like a real difference maker, or do I mean pizza maker?  Seriously, how is this news?  He's a stop gap fill a roster spot guy due to injuries.  


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3 hours ago, flickyoursedin said:

While I agree Hamonic is a great target come summertime however trading Tanev it just feels like a lateral move. Having both Tanev and Hamonic on the same roster would be amazing! What if the Canucks tried Edler to NYI and if he doesn't waive for them trade him to where he will and use the return to bring in Hamonic.

Tanev is far less physical than Hamonic..  Tanev IS light, and far more of a target to dump the puck to his corner and retrieve from.

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