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Hong Kong Booksellers disappear after plans to publish banned books


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Briton confirmed missing as mystery deepens over Hong Kong booksellers

So, not a lot of reporting in english news on this incident.

I get most of my information from Chinese (Hong Kong) news reports.

Some brief information:

  • 5 shareholders of a bookstore that sells books banned in China have disappeared one after another
  • The latest one, Bo Lee, apparently faxed a letter to his coworker AFTER his wife reported him missing, Translation in quote.

    Mr. Chan,
    I have something urgent to take care of, and cannot disclose the details to the public, so I returned to the mainland my own way to cooperate with concerned parties in an investigation, and it might take a while.
    Please continue the operation of the bookstore based on the contract. You could contact my wife for book payments [contact info blocked] or you could pay them first. Or you could wait for me to come back to clear the amount.
    I am in good condition and everything is normal. I am sorry to trouble you with the bookstore operation. Thanks much!

    Lee Bo

  • Public thinks Lee was abducted back to China by Chinese authorities, no records of departing at Immigrations.
  • After these incidents, PageOne (bookstore chain in Hong Kong) has pulled all banned books from their Hong Kong International Airport locations.

Conspiracy? Fear Mongering from China to show who's in charge? If so, its working I guess.

I don't know what is happening, but from personal experience, Hong Kong has become a $&!#hole the past few years. Public is fed up with the changes the government is making, limiting their freedom, (example: Basic Law Article 23)

China is like the birth mother that gave her child (Hong Kong) away for adoption, then coming back after the child has grown up and matured, then forcing her ways and beliefs onto them.

EFF OFF LADY would be my response, and pretty much the response of HK majority


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Lots of news in China gets under-reported.  Just check out China Uncensored on youtube... tons and tons of material that's blocked from the media due to China's soft-power. 

Even family members of youtube commentators have been detained. 


I just hope that I can see the fall of the Chinese Communist Party within my lifetime. 

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