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Nux Avs [proposal]

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To Avs

Virtanen, Hutton, Sutter, Cbj 2nd


To Van

Landeskog, Jost


The way I see it The Avs are and should only be interested in future players for their team if their dealing  any of their big 3 their going full tank at least this year and next. Virtanen and Hutton are good pieces for their future but wont hurt them getting top 5 pix in the next 2 drafts. Sutter is a good fit for them at 3 C to help shelter their budding youth movement.


Nux Future Top 9

Landeskog Bo Boeser

Baer Jost Erikson

Granlund Vilardi Hansen


Sorry I goofed and put this in the wrong section MODS please move to Proposals and armchair.

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1 minute ago, canuktravella said:

id rather keep virt no thanks jost is nice but virt will be lighting it up in nhl soon hopefully 


There's starting to be a big question mark weather Virtanen will ever be a true power forward now. He may be just a 3rd or 4th line roll player. 


Jost has way higher potential and skills.  Right now Jost wins over Virtanen.

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virt will be lighting it up in nhl soon hopefully 


He's never 'lit it up' anywhere in his entire career, what on Earth makes you think he'll start now, in the very highest league?  The closest he's ever come is a season and a half at a point-a-game pace in the ridiculously high-scoring WHL (and that's not good enough for someone drafted as high as he was).


If he's anything other than a bust, we'll be lucky.  There's almost no chance that he's going to be an impact 1st liner in the big leagues (and, right now, 2nd liner looks highly unlikely as well).

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37 minutes ago, Alflives said:

Doesn't Landeskog have concussion issues?  That's a lot to give up for two iffy players.  

Gotta give to get. Honestly I'd also call Virtanen pretty iffy. Hutton has yet to prove he's not a product of the Tanev cloak despite getting a contract and you could argue Sutter is marginally overpaid. There is iffy going both ways in this deal. I'd definitely take a chance on Landeskog and Jost at that price. I think all of these Tanev/Edler deals to the Avs are pretty mute they would only help them get a worse draft pick and be too old to compete when their new core matures. They need guys who won't mess with the "Tank" and be ready to take the next step along side their new core. 

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