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Mafia: Switch


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In the beginning, there was the world, and Krazz blessed us with creation. Inclusive of Great Stories Native to the Isle Gambier, as well as Others whose Origin is Uncertain, Lost to Time, or Kept Secret by Villains of the Past and/or Gaurdians of the Present.


The state of mafia has switched far often.


This is. Mafia: Switch


Related image


I, Zfetch, will be your host.


Rules can be found here:


:goat:Deadline will be 10pm.

:goat:GK every 2 rounds without a vote

:goat:No PMing

:goat:This will be a role madness game

:goat:I can only accept 8 players

:goat:Activity is required. GK issued every 2 rounds without a vote; I may be selective on who the 8 people playing are if there is more than 8 people interested. Activity history as well activity growth of poster in question will be considered when such decision on eradication must be made

:goat:No reporting of vulgar images posted by user @Aladeen

:goat:Have fun. This is a requirement.


Good luck. Any questions can be redirected at me with the use of the @ tag followed by my username.


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