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[Proposal] Philadelphia

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To Flyers



To Vancouver

Dale Weiss (cap dump- apparently they want rid of his contract)

Philippe Myers


Phily gets a top 6 winger and storing depth they need to compete for a playoff spot.


We get a very good defensive prospect and an old friend we may be able to flip in his final season.


What do you think?

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5 minutes ago, HockeydownUnder said:

I'm big on Myers and made a proposal on here for him (it was a terrible proposal but oh well)


Be tough to let Baertschi go with him playing well on the top line. I think they'd have to add a pick for me to go ahead with it (a 2nd or early 3rd)

Myers is a potential top pairing defensemen and those aren't cheap, especially right shot ones.

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Seems like a lot to give up by us for a recently signed overager D man as the centerpiece coming back.


Wonder why he never got drafted in each of the past 2 years, had decent enough pt totals and has the intriguing size element but I wouldnt give Baer up for him and take a cap dump back on top of it.



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Sven is a high quality player.  


I don't know enough about Myers but I would like to see a 2nd rounder coming back.  


It would also defeat the purpose of developing young guys if we are going to trade them away when they pan out.  Sven is only 25, he's got his whole career in front of him.

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Not as prolific this year. After a spectacular rise last season, Myers.


But Philly has spent literally years, maybe 8, 10, longer, looking for a good RHD??? Blew the biscuit trading JVR for Luke Schenn in one example. Wasted the best years of Giroux, Simmonds, etc. And have not found him yet. Its been THAT long.  Myer is at least promising. And close!


Even if Baer is good value for them?  Doubt they do this...

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