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The Dark web

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The dark web. It's real, it's out there. It gives police all sorts of headaches.

Is it the Internet's equivalent to dark matter? 

Do you know about it? 

Will our brains be uploaded onto it once our bodies pass?

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I know of Charlotte's Web, which led to the naming of the band Good Charlotte who sucked more than a shopvac, which I saw a commercial for and it could vacuum up 3/4" nuts and 3/4" bolts and 3/4" nuts and bolts and that is a title of a new show by Tyler the Creator, I first heard of him in GTA 5 which is a vidya game, that's how Hank Hill pronounces video games.   

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Is the dark web responsible for what’s happening on Mikael Samuelsson’s wiki page?


(Honestly just dropping this here in this thread because I couldn’t decide where to put it.)


Here are some screenshots (excuse my phone stuff):




“A Caucasian ice hockey player in his thirties. He is skating relaxed on the ice while looking to the right. He wears a white and red jersey, along with a white-visored helmet.”




“A Causcasian ice hockey player in his mid-thirties. He wears a blue jersey with white and green trim and a blue, visored helmet. He looks forward with his mouth slightly parted in a relaxed stance.”


That last one especially is just weird. Kinda makes me wonder if whatever artificial intelligence wrote these captions was somehow getting a little bit turned on? :lol:

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