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The Ultimate Brock Boeser Playoff Goal Prediction Time Capsule Thread Supreme Deluxe Poll Edition

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Hey, let's agree on one thing here. We all love some sweet, sweet Brock goals.


So how many do you think ol BB6 pots in the postseason?


Also, which player do you think will grow the most intimidating playoff beard?


I could easily see him hitting 10 goals in the offseason and maybe even north of that depending on how many games we end up having to play in the cup final. If every series is a sweep, then there will be less games for him to score in, but potentially more goals in said games.


And I think that either Petey or Gaudette will have the best playoff beard for sure. That'd be hilarious if Petey's matched Benn's.


Cheers and let's give Ottawa a good thrashing tonight!

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6 hours ago, Boest-er said:

Since we have the same namesake, i shall second this.


16 goals at a GPG average :)

Great minds think alike, but fools seldom differ!

5 hours ago, Winter Soldier said:

Do we need a new thread daily?

If by we, you mean the readers of CDC Canucks talk, then... possibly

5 hours ago, chon derry said:

The Ultimate Brock Boeser Playoff Goal Prediction Time Capsule Thread      Super Duper Supreme Deluxe Poll Edition                                                                          :rolleyes:


5 hours ago, luckylager said:

Well the horse is supposed to go before the cart, but &^@# it


I'm going with 18 goals


Benn with the gnarliest beard because he's got a head start. 

Ayy I like that - 18's a good number



Can't deny that's a hell of a beard right there

5 hours ago, 112 said:

voted 15+ and hughes, willing to put down good cash

What kinda odds we talking here? 3:1?

2 hours ago, coastal.view said:


was not hooked by this thread

you may wish to consider more adjectives in the title



Your assessment is stern, cruel yet fair

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