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Offersheet Deangelo?? (proplosal)

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Even though he's a lefty, if I was going to spend some picks on an offersheet, I'd gladly offer a contract to Sergachev as the future replacement to Edler. With all the money coming off the books over the next 2 years, I would then look to shore up the right side. Our Top 4 D going forward would be:




With a few options for the Bottom 6: Rathbone, Juolevi, Rafferty, and now Jurmo (who is a solid replacement for the Tree)


If Hogs and Podz can fill roles in the Top6 then we'd have:




So I think I'd pass this year on Tony D, and take a shot at a guy we would rather lock up for 8 years instead. You can't say that Jimbo wasn't considering a Left D (instead of what we need, a Right D). He was working to get OEL here (I for one am glad it didn't happen), but at least you can't argue back that Tony D would be a more valuable O/S simply because he's a RD...it clearly looks like JB is open to either a righty OR a lefty.

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Whole concept of offer sheets is to rebuild faster and get some cap certainty going forward.


Canucks have to start thinking about extending both Pettersson and Hughes NOW so they can't be exposed to offer sheets.


They have to create cap space for the future, now Beagle, Rousell, Sutter, Eriksson and Baerstschi come off the books over the next two years but the cap should be arranged so they have 5 mil coming off each year.

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