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How bad did I do lol?

Tre Mac

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First hockey pool in ages, eight man league with standard scoring I assume.  I picked 6th.



I felt bad for always picking late, most of my picks had zero response lol.  Felt dirty picking Matthews with my first pick but I was totally under the gun.


Sorry if this is in the wrong place.

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Fwiw I am in 2nd place atm, but I was leading for most of the season. 



If you got any sleeper picks let me know lol.  Somebody that would've been totally off the radar at the start of the season that can generate over .5ppg.  I am hoping to at least finish second but Pairise, Terravainen and Werenski are scaring me. 

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Just saw this thread for the first time and my initial thought was as mentioned, the tendies, unless they are really overweighted could have held off for around or two to get more point producing skaters, but on the whole nicely done. My very first thought after the Tendies early thing was "i think the D is undervalued or picked by soundbite from the games on TV". Scrolling down, yeah your D underperformed: well done all in all, but next season pick the best D available for scoring system your league uses in place of Tendie One. Hint: it wasn't Krug. 

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