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  1. Team is playing decent against the Champs. This slow start is nonsense. A couple of individual mistakes, sure.
  2. I see what you're saying but we just haven't seen what Tryamkin will bring. It's a risk. You don't just switch out functioning dmen that easily without being sure. We'll see, maybe JB is set on getting him here. It's really hard to tell where he is at in reality without being a scout yourself.
  3. 2018-2020 Fanta, Benn, Stecher = 36+129+127= 292 games played Tryamkin = 0 games played Considering it took him 40 games to round into a playable rookie I wouldn't go slotting in a guy with zero NHL experience into the line-up before he proved it. No one can know how he'd adapt upon a return visit. I guess the question for me is what makes you think he supplants these guys except that he's humongous?
  4. I think we can all agree there may be better goalies available. The thing he is missing is that we don't know who else will be available. Say Holtby is available, but they also leave Wilson, Oshie, Ellers, or a young upstart unprotected, they may decide to take Oshie and Markstrom as compared to Lind and Holtby ... there are so many unknowns. For me it would be something like Markstrom Demko Lind Myers Ferland Rousell (1 yr) Beagle (1 yr) Motte (1-2 yr) Dipietro Rafferty Brisebois Gadjovich How he unequivocally dismisses Marky and Demko from that list is beyond me ... I guess based on what he thinks Seattle will do. Because that's pretty easy to figure out ... considering Seattle hasn't even figured it out yet. Anyways if I'm Seattle the only player I seriously consider other than the goalies is Lind, unless they are seriously seeking a 4th line role player in Rousell, Beagle, Motte.
  5. Definitely agree. I lessened the value to prove the point. I don't think JB trades him unless he is bringing in another player or Ferland comes in right away and shows great, while Eriksson continues his play. More likely an off-season deal IMO.
  6. Bowey and $3.3 in cap space. Beam me up Scotty. Edit: Even if we ate 25% cap I would do that.
  7. Well first off he's a center who can play shutdown D, he's great on face-offs and an accomplished PK'er. More importantly he's got only one year left so he's a one year gap for a team that needs one with zero ED ramifications. I think a team in the bottom of the standings like Detroit that could use a multi purpose player as a stop gap would offer up a lower pick (4th or 5th), or more likely a project player that JB has had had his eye on. Someone like a Bailey, or a Karlsson (a bit lofty). Basically a regular NHL'er for a good AHL / long range NHL player. The thing about Sutter is he gets a lot of bad Stigma for being part of the Kesler deal but he's a decently defensive role player. It hasn't exactly been rosy in Van but he has value as a hockey player. On top of this a team could always flip him for a pick at the deadline.
  8. I agree on this. Not sure why Robb is arguing the point so strongly. As of now they easily appear to be at or near the top.
  9. I can't see one person in this thread that has suggested Markstrom out?
  10. Our little boy is growing up right before our eyes.
  11. So basically if we get through the next 22 days we'll have kept our entire roster all season without having to trade away a piece or two like so many people thought. We'll be super deep if Leivo, and Ferland, are both added to an already full line-up.
  12. Like most young players they need a year or so of seasoning. The problem with OJ is unlike most he hasn't had a large run of AHL games in a row in order to challenge the next level, struggle a bit, plateau, and then improve by adjusting to the pace and skill level. He's up to 37 games played. If he hits 50-57 this year and hopefully plays another 20+ meaningful playoff games I think that will benefit himself immensely and pave the way to improve exponentially this summer with a normal training regiment. At the NHL level I don't know how many points he'll put up as he's never excelled there but I do see him fitting in to this line-up and bringing a fluid game that fits with our younger skilled players. He will get his points though in supporting our emerging skill, providing a big body, a PP presence, big minutes, and perhaps most importantly clutch scoring. He seems to do better when competition gets higher and he has the skill and smarts to be in position, and create goals, when others don't expect it. Imagine the end of a 3-3 game in the playoffs and a chance pops out to an unsuspecting dman in the slot. Who do you want there Tanev, Stetcher, or OJ? Remember that ripper he scored the other night?
  13. I really think he's pretty close as it is right now Alf. If we weren't completely stacked on D with Edler, Hughes, Fantenburg, and Benn being able to play both sides, I think he probably would have a gotten a look already. With the relative health of our D the same goes for Rafferty. I think he will get a chance towards the end of this season, depending on how we do, but if not he certainly will be given every opportunity to make the team out of camp.
  14. Maybe Petey can take him weight training when he gets here?
  15. I already got called on that on page 3 so here was my response. Ah, you may be right. Though, if he has even has a decent hot streak he could end up with 20 points. Pretty decent for a D these days. Of course I'm thinking of the Hutton situation. I'm not great on Rfa rules but I thought he needs to be qualified at his previous offer + 10%. He makes $2.325 now so a even a moderate raise would be around 3-3.5 mil. Even if he does make $2.5 I just wonder if Stetcher and his agent would be shopping for a bigger deal, which might just take him out of JB's thought process. I don't think he'll wait that long to fix the D. We also seem to have some options coming up on D in Rafferty, Tryamkin, Juolevi, Benn, Fantenberg and Tanev, plus UFA. Having said all that I don't really know.
  16. You mean one per year ... or just the one?
  17. Marky making the All-star game isn't good for the Canucks bargaining position.
  18. You should check out this Matthew Thiessen asshole and his stats on the prospect page. 25.99 GAA, .500SV%. So easy to hate on, and so little effort required. Really the biggest bang for your buck.
  19. I guess that depends on what Tanev wants or feels he deserves. At 30 years of age he probably wants a four or five year deal (ED too), which I wouldn't give him unless it was $4m or less ... and even then I'd be hesitant. He's going to regress a lot I think since he relies on killing his body. On the other hand if he wants a two year deal he probably wants 5+, but if he did 2 at $4.5 without an NMC I would consider it. At that point a healthy Stretcher at less money might make more sense though.
  20. Who are you afraid of losing up front that you think they would pass on Demko?