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  1. Mistakes mistakes, mistakes. That's what wins and loses series at this level. Dumb plays, we can't win like this.
  2. Thanks bro. I shouldn't try to let the Canucks define my life, yet they do. I love you and everyone.
  3. Yeah, I usually never quit, it's eye surgery, black people being abused, Covid, possibly losing my job, and my life. It's too much. I hang my head in shame. My life is so hard right now. I'm sorry. I am a quitter on top of it.
  4. Oh, I get it now. Just brutal either way and that pairing was beat more times that didn't even result in a goal. I really don't care about the particulars, it doesn't matter, just don't get beat like a red headed step child.
  5. @oldnewsWhat part of my post do you take reaction to? The negativity .. if so well sorry I'm trying to get on board. I'm pretty disappointed with the way we played yesterday.
  6. Really good statement. Go Canucks Go. Bleed blue, green, black, yellow, and red. Of course, how could I forget white ... we love you to even though you aren't a color.
  7. Yeah, he's been getting schooled and looking gassed. I think it will be a big eye opener. He looks to have the heart of a champion so I'm sure this will be good for him in the long run. I think he'll come back better than ever next year.
  8. Oh yeah for sure. I would keep Lehner in if it was me but I guess it's a nice luxury to have the MAFter on your bench.
  9. In the defensive zone yeah it's a question of strategy but they're getting beat in the neutral zone purely because they aren't paying attention to what's going on. That's on the players themselves and has nothing to do with coaching. This is peewee stuff.
  10. He's gone to him in a back to back already. I think it's a good move on his part ... hopefully we can get to him.
  11. 50/50, maybe we go with 3 defenders and just have a sweeper standing right between the face-off circles the entire game. I agree on the goalies.
  12. Not liking this one. I actually stopped watching after the first yesterday. I knew they were done ... I was also day drinking and thought the game was at 4:30 though. Just one wish, can Hughes and Tanev stop puck watching/being useless and actually cover Tuch and the flip pass. It's getting bloody embarrassing. Hopefully they show up today.
  13. Yes, exactly. People do drugs for a variety of reasons. One big one being the unfair distribution of wealth. It should be regulated instead of held just out of reach like a reward for being poor. It's ironic on so many levels but I've been there.
  14. Geez, that's a lot of people. You guys must party really hard. My good friend lost his cousin the same way. Found him with a needle in his arm sitting in the front window after he didn't show up to work for a couple days. Quite sad.
  15. Really great endeavor. My condolences on getting the Leafs in your Fantasy GM league.
  16. Let me guess. He's talking about his old junior B days (high level lol) glory and how great of a coach (how dumb Green is) and hockey player he is. That guy is a goof. I'd staple him to the boards. What a chump.
  17. Hopefully they are done making a stand and play hockey some time in the future.
  18. Mistakes kill hockey games. So boring now. We don't have a chance. Onto game 4.
  19. The problem is these guys make too much money. Black lives matter my ass. Where is Stewart putting money back into the system. No where to be found.