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  1. Follow the plan, or take the triple step promotion?

    1. brilac


      Whatever makes you happy

  2. Is it even possible to successfully let someone know that you're moving in 3 months, but in the mean time you'd like to see how things progress and re-assess after the move?

    1. viking mama

      viking mama

      Moving where? Across town...across the province or across the country?

    2. Mr. Ambien

      Mr. Ambien

      I guess if you know the landlord well enough, but it seems to me if you put in your notice to vacate, you can't simultaneously hold onto the place post-moveout-date, if that's what you're trying to say.. the last half of your post is somewhat confusing

    3. Henrik Kesler

      Henrik Kesler

      @Viking Mama...moving out of state (I'm a Yank) which equates to 500 miles and roughly 8 hours.

      This girl is something else. I told her, "so, the bad news is I'm moving to X city in January" and she didn't completely shut down. There may be nothing here long term, but at least we're both in agreement that we'll keep seeing each other and re-assess when the time comes.

  3. Kenny Chesney's newest album is awesome. Every song hits home, and there is no need to skip tracks.

  4. Lucic has zero professionalism

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    2. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      jerking off gesture probably also made an impression

    3. Brad Marchand

      Brad Marchand

      But, but he's passionate and competitive...

    4. jdatb


      ^ good guy Brad sticking up for your teammate I'm proud of ya son.

  5. Go with Bulleit. I've had both, and prefer the Bulleit by miles. Rittenhouse is wayyyy to sweet for a good rye, IMO. Rittenhouse is an 'old style' rye in that it's only 51% rye in the mash bill. The Bulleit is 95% rye, and a very good, if a bit in your face, whiskey.
  6. If you don't like turbocharged engines, your loss

    1. Drive-By Body Pierce

      Drive-By Body Pierce

      can't argue with that logic

    2. :D


      Nah, I'll be alright

  7. If I as smart enough to engineer an window with a .2 ufactor and a .5 SHGC I cold retire tomorrow

    1. Gstank29


      speak english please

  8. It's 1:43am on the east coast and I'm googling/researching work related things on my own accord. I'm a nerd. Good thing I work in a business where nerdiness is a good thing.

  9. I purchased some of this tonight as I'm newish to Irish Whiskey. The liquor store also has Green Spot which I believe I've seen recommended around here so I'll be giving that a try in the future. Edit: After having this and directly comparing it to "The Frog," Connemara essentially tastes like a slightly peated Highland scotch. It's a very good taste, but I like more peat. Either way, I would definitely purchase again.
  10. Sam Hunt is a wonderfully talented artist. Slight country tint to his work, but nevertheless, the kid has talent

    1. Peaches


      You'd hope the dude has a country tint, he's being marketed as a country artist (even if his music is far from it, even by mainstream standards)

    2. The Magician
    3. Peaches


      Seriously, "Leave the Night On", #14 currently on country airplay, sounds like a pop song. Nothing remotely country about it IMO. "Break Up in a Small Town" is spoken word/dubstep/pop. I really like him, but he belongs in the pop format.

  11. I'm definitely going to try this with some of my college buddies.
  12. My bottle of Laphroaig has started to oxidize. Damn, guess I need to get to drinking my QC before it also becomes oxidized.

    1. Green Building

      Green Building

      I've yet to have that happen to me, but I feel your pain. In fact, I'll have a whisky after my beer in honour of your situation.

    2. Stizz19


      Weird thing, I had the same thought last week when I took a whiff of my bottle. Love that stuff. Also have a bottle of Triple Wood.

  13. Boilermakers certainly speed up the whole "getting drunk" process

  14. BT has 2 unwheated mashes and a wheated. My understanding is that #2 is has less rye than #1, but is still pretty "rye heavy" for a bourbon mash. Not that ~20% rye mash comes through in white dog anyway...too much alcohol and sweetness to get through first. http://www.gq.com/life/food/201311/bourbon-whiskey-family-tree Why is it so expensive? American's make great whiskey, but it isn't THAT good to justify the markup between the 'States' and Canada. And no offense, I have yet to find a 'good Candian' whiskey down there that was worth drinking with just dihydrogen monoxide as the mixer. So
  15. This Flying Fish Dubbel is the best beer I've had in a month. Great stuff

  16. I'll play in posting my collection too: Laphraoig QC Laphraoig 10 Booker's (essentially barrel strength Knob Creek, GREAT stuff) Knob Creek, Jacob's Ghost Wild Turkey Rare Breed Eagle Rare W.L. Weller Old Grand Dad 114 Rittenhouse Rye Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash #2 Evan Williams Single Barrel Glenlivet 12
  17. My neighbors are idiots

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    2. c00kies


      They probably think the same thing.

    3. nux4lyfe
    4. Henrik Kesler

      Henrik Kesler

      No, they are legit idiots. They think I can't hear the 'knock down, drag out' fights they have? Idiots I tell ya

  18. The November man looks awesome

    1. Ghostsof1915


      Dammit why couldn't they make a Bond film with Brosnon like that!!!

  19. I understand this, and thus was the point I was making. I didn't care for the Virtanen pick at the time...now that I do some digging into QoT compared to the guys who had 'higher offensive upside' than him, I feel good. His 5 on 5 production was pretty gaudy given his QoT, and the fact that his teammates were below average 2nd liners in the CHL. His points/60 given his TOI and teammate quality is quite impressive actually.
  20. Look at how weak his QoT is compared to the Ehlers. His production is impressive given his QoT.
  21. Drink the corn liquor, let the cocaine be

    1. Tearloch7


      wise words, ya old boot-legger.

    2. Ghostsof1915


      She don't lie, she don't lie, she don't lie.....Propane...

  22. Damn. To drop $90 on a bottle down here I'd be into high end single malt. The most I've ever spent on a bottle was $56.00 for a bottle of Laphroaig QC. Well worth the price (which is a steal realative to what you pay).
  23. This Smith and Meyers acoustic album by Shinedown is damn good

    1. Ghostsof1915


      I still love Diamond Eyes.

    2. Ghostsof1915


      But damn..Nothing Else Matters...

    3. Ghostsof1915


      Love seeing Kenny Wayne Shepard jam with them too!

  24. Wow, these moves by Colorado are SO bad. Like who the hell is running the Avs? http://www.thescore.com/news/535073

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    2. Henrik Kesler

      Henrik Kesler

      Iggy thrived in Boston in large part to how good their defensemen are at getting the puck up to the fowards and rushing as a 5 man unit up the ice. He won't have that same advantage in Colorado, who has a woefully inadequate d-corps for how good their forwards are

    3. dragon4401


      My major ? with Iggy is if he can keep up with the speed on the Avs

    4. Green Building

      Green Building

      ^True, but you don't need speed on a good powerplay.

  25. Those Orpik and Niskanen deals. Sweet Christ what overpayments

    1. Chip Kelly

      Chip Kelly

      Washington have been thirsty for some big D for a long time.

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