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  1. Can't wait for another 3-4 years of constant complaining on this forum.
  2. So we're just going to roll with a journeyman winger who has never been able to perform well enough to play more than 40 games as a second liner? Very cool.
  3. I'm cool with Schenn returning because Schenn likes playing for Vancouver but I would like to see the team just roll with their prospects like Karlsson and Klimovich and see what kind of chemistry they have with them. There is no FA that is going to fix this team, so they might as well just see what is going on in-house.
  4. I like the black on orange. I wish Vancouver would just finally make the their primary logo Johnny Canuck.
  5. "Extreme erudition of unmatched intellect,in all its compelling branches" I like this. I like this a lot.
  6. Watch him go to Vegas and have a 60 point season and redeem himself and piss all of us off.
  7. I don't know who the Hughes Brothers' father is, but I have to imagine he is a very proud father. Those boys are crazy talented. 

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    2. Curmudgeon


      Mom, Ellen Weinberg-Hughes, was a field lacrosse, soccer and hockey star at the University of New Hampshire and  played on the US Women's hockey team, winning silver at the 1992 Olympics and being named to the all-star team at those same Olympics. She was named to the U of NH's Hall of Fame in 2012. She is apparently the one who taught the boys to skate. 

    3. Citizen Erased

      Citizen Erased

      He’s the Montreal Canadiens GM, is he not? 

    4. Curmudgeon


      No. You are thinking of Kent Hughes. Jim Hughes is Quinn's father.

  8. So, can someone explain what happened to this guy? I swear he was once one of the most highly regarded d-men in the league? His drop-off was so significant. I can't say that I'm thrilled with another buyout, but I also can't say that I'll be sad that he's gone. This was a terrible acquisition in every sense of the meaning.
  9. I exercised my absolute restraint and optimistic life view about OEL when Vancouver acquired him, but he has been extremely frustrating. He doesn't offer anything anymore and the contract is a massive albatross and a reminder that GM's in the NHL often lose their minds when they offer free agents contracts.
  10. I honestly don't ever know what the hell to think of Garland because half of Canucks fans hate him and the other half think he is a valuable asset.
  11. I just discovered this thread. I have been a freelance writer for about 15 years now, because, frankly, I'm not talented enough to do anything else. But here are some recent samples of crud I've written: 400 Different Canadian Wildfires The rat at the end of an error taping drugs for later underneath the sink basin of the motel room the height of their powers in the age of shots and prayers takes this chaos outside to stimulate the economy quietly shelving projects forever unfinished with headphones on the rent wasn't the slumlord's child, but they did choose to raise it you don't get to bless this mess you made then hit the road while your conscience goes on sleeping, unbothered by consequences calling all the way down the hall it's a wild age it's a wry old age it's a wilder age burning thyme, time and sage paid an unfair wage evaluate your practices and learn where they came from the Canadian wildfires spread an eerie haze across most of the eastern states alive in purgatory cannot believe the sky is as raw pummeling orange and ruined as the west coast sees every summer but have you seen my new chainsaw and hockey mask? return everything to the status quo sweet disposition but expert hater wrecked homes while cuck's wife became overprotective of her phone whenever he was around this is in fact everyone's first rodeo went awry self-consciousnessly miserable cringe by design thematic pivot to 11 o'clock, sunday morning wiggle room to spontaneously combust is kind of like passing out in peace or peacing the f*ck out skin wouldn't stop sticking to the sheets never going to stay up with you all night who taught you to hate yourself like that? sighilist doesn't remember their first beer gaythiest will never forget their last surrendering cobras and nifty little sleepers looking further afield than was physically possible they all had two bottles of something on their mind but life usually liked to pull the rug out from underneath and the fires are catching up to themselves. Professor of Logic Go smiling, all the whiling something else has caught up with you be it unresolved debt or flippant thought vital organs become more inflamed than the moth attracted to an illuminated phone screen it mistook for a candle, lit a series of inferences looting tonight — take all you can carry split too much fat of no real use rendered down to soap to wash off this thirst of anger blood libel — it’s logical or topical, dueling spit-takes of lifelong students meant to entertain, not mislead gathering recruits, the rhetoric breeds .5 led breaks on the page, gets in your eyes a series of differences bass lines become flat lines later disbelief budded the soil is lush and giving he smoked the whole damn cigarette and the bus never came this is a prison cell of learned doctors this is the cancer ward of ghosts to come just a passing thought, in the parking lot might as well learn to haunt while we’re here it’s black or it’s white but mostly it’s just static.
  12. Not to even mention his acting turn as Sea Bass in Dumb and Dumber.
  13. Awww. I love Alex Mogilny. I remember thinking life couldn't get any better when the Couv acquired him. He was arguably the only player that showed up his first season for us. Gustav Forsling for Adam Clendening is looking worse and worse with each passing season.
  14. An Engineering degree does not guarantee basic human intelligence. I know multiple people with Engineering degrees and they are borderline idiot savants with zero social skills and awareness. A degree means very little.
  15. I loved this story. Thank you for sharing. When I was in high school, Ryan Gosling came to my school and shot scenes for an indie film there for a couple of days. And I will never forget about how every girl was swooning and every guy was pissed off, and I was like "I know this guy from Breaker High. I like him!" lol
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