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  1. Gotta admit I think that’s the best projected lineup I’ve seen. If the Miller line is used as a matchup line that would leave either Horvat and Pettersson to feast on other teams’ third lines. It would also create two natural PK units in Sutter/Motte and Miller/Dickinson. I hope Green gives this lineup a look.
  2. You mentioned in your original post that “even Craig Button had Jake Virtanen at #6 in his final draft rankings”. This is false. Button did not even have him rated as worthy of a first round selection at all as evidenced by the mynhldraft.com website you quoted. However, he did have JB selecting him at #6 in his mock draft, which is totally different from where Button thought he should have been drafted.
  3. I agree. He’s still great at faceoffs and the PK. Unfortunately I think one of the Alberta teams will sign him for more than we’re willing to pay him.
  4. Laurent Broissoit is a local kid who always seem to play well against the Canucks. He’s a UFA who I believe played for 1.5 mill. last season in Winnipeg.
  5. Not sure how that could be done. They would have to go without a draft for one season to wait for all the eligible players to turn nineteen. And that missing year would no doubt be the year the Canucks were to draft first overall.
  6. I don’t think it will happen until later this week when UFAs start being signed. Hopefully we’ll recoup some picks for the 2022 draft.
  7. I’m still hoping that JB can work out a deal with Chicago for Zadorov. Although he shoots left he is comfortable playing the right side. An even up deal for Schmidt would give us the size we need and some cap room. Plus he’d be a Russian comrade for Podkolzin.
  8. All draft experts in hindsight get some right and some wrong. Bob McKenzie had Pettersson ranked only one spot higher than Button at number seven and had even Casey Mittelstadt ranked above him. I’ve been a believer in Button since the 2014 draft, not only with his Virtanen ranking but his take on Brayden Point as well. He had Point rated as a mid first rounder while McKenzie and most others did not have him worthy of a first round selection. Put me in the Svechkov camp if McTavish or the top four D aren’t available.
  9. Yeah I just looked it up and he’s committed to the KHL through the 22-23 season. That makes me think MacTavish may be the better pick if available because he may be NHL ready by the start of 2022.
  10. I gotta admit I’m now firmly in the Svechkov camp as well for our first round pick if none of the big four defencemen are available. It was already known at the time Podkolzin was drafted that he had committed to the KHL for two years but I haven’t heard anything about Svechkov preferring to go that route.
  11. Not crazy at all. Sutter is just as good defensively and is capable of chipping in some goals. Beagle will score three goals in a good year.
  12. I believe JB was quoted as saying he would like another Russian on the team and not necessarily on Podkolzin’s line. If so then Nikita Zadorov is a guy I would like him to target in a trade with Chicago. A huge mobile defenceman who loves to hit and is great on the PK. I wonder if the Blackhawks would take Schmidt for him even-up?
  13. There are plenty of dependable backups available this year that could be signed as a replacement for Holtby. Laurent Broissoit is one example.
  14. Unless we’re lucky enough to lose Holtby in the expansion draft. That would give us $4.3 million to play with next season.
  15. Almost correct. It’s JIM Wiste.
  16. Interesting to note that Craig Button has released his final prospect rankings and the player who made the biggest jump (to #6) was Fedor Svechkov. Since he’s been compared by some scouts to Patrice Bergeron I wonder if he’d be someone JB would consider if he’s still there at #9?
  17. Unless we lose him to the Kraken. Hopefully we protect him.
  18. Totally agree. Unless JB is blown away by a pre-draft offer I really hopes he waits until he sees who’s available at 9OA. It would be a shame to have someone like Edvinsson or Clarke fall to them but to have traded the chance away.
  19. Tampa will be in cap hell next season so maybe a defenceman and a forward are in play or a possible trade. If Cernak and Cirelli or Killorn were included I would consider that a fair deal for our 9OA pick. That trade would address our two biggest needs at quality RD and second line LW.
  20. I think he means that like Shinkaruk his skills may not translate to the NHL level. If you read the last line of the linked article about Johnson it states that his skill set and slickness “will become futile against a team or system where space is at a premium”. If the Canucks do draft him hopefully he can become a Brayden Point type of player and prove his doubters wrong.
  21. I think the Canucks should fire Baumgartner and replace him with Bieksa. I wonder if they could pay him more than Sportsnet does?
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