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  1. It takes more than just being able to skate backwards proficiently. Defenceman is not an easy position to learn from scratch lol... It's possible for a D-man to learn to play forward. But not the other way around.
  2. Not winning Calder should not be the shadow over his incredible rookie season. Congratulations to Huggy for an amazing first NHL season nonetheless.
  3. Is there a way to read the full article/ rankings without having to subscribe online?
  4. I am not downplaying the obvious talent/ skills in this team. But what impressed me the most was their humbleness, work-ethic and strong will. Trust me it was awesome to see some real nifty plays here and there. But it was equally entertaining to see those talents put their bodies in front to block shots and back check and try to make those gritty plays down low.
  5. A+: EP40 Huggy Millsy Marky A: Bo Demmer (averaged out as A+ in the playoffs and B in regular season) Tanev B+: Boeser Edler B: Pears Tofu JV Myers Stetch Fanta Motte Beagle Sutter C+: Gaud Big Mac Rouss Benn
  6. Well fought. That was some exciting playoffs hockey. Of course there are gaps to fill but this was what the fans waited for... hard fought playoffs games. Thanks. Lets get back to the dance next year.
  7. Reaves that dumb fk launched himself at Motte's head Sickens me to see him shake his head on his way out
  8. We are the hardest working team in this entire playoffs... And it feels great saying that.
  9. Boys worked for those bounces... Very proud of tonight's effort altho effort has always been there. It was so neat to see some get rewarded this game. Demmer looked real good tonight. We have grown thru this series for sure.
  10. That was a hard fought battle. Well earned victory. The skills, intensity and the desire... Gosh I love Round 2 playoffs hockey. So proud of this team blocking shots and taking big hits to make the right plays.
  11. Some of our players must be playing hurt. They did give everything they got in St. Louis series. But this is playoffs. Gotta dig deep. Hoping for better bounces next game.
  12. Huge blow to those that wanted Green and JB fired. Also to those that wanted Sutter, Beagle, Boeser, Tanev, Stetch and Virtanen gone. Big thanks to those that kept their frustrations within and let the professionals do their jobs. Fan board should be more about support than unwarranted slanders/ criticisms after every loss lol. I was utterly embarrassed at how Ray Ferraro talked about this fanbase. On a positive note, I am so excited to see 2nd round playoff hockey for the first time in like ten years. Round 2 is another jump and I hope the boys grow with it.
  13. I guess those 4 pucks successfully humbled Binnington lol. 20 more minutes of same intensity and I feel good about us.