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  1. I like our chances if we compete hard like last night! Demmer needs a good game now for his confidence.
  2. Petey_BOI posted the link. Look 2 posts above urs!
  3. So we still got 48 mins before puck drop right?
  4. Sorry but which front page are we talking about?
  5. Is it just me or are the Swedish linemates trying hard not to pass to Hogs this game... Especially that last powerplay, they see Hogs open but rather opt to make a risky pass to a covered guy.
  6. If they deemed the hit to be of vicious enough nature to hand out a major, they sure thought the hit was dangerous. Taking only like a minute to assess a concussion isn't possible even amongst the best physicians out there. So they should have taken him to the quiet room to take a further look. I sure think this was a flaw/ mistake on their part.
  7. This was a launching upwards elbow to the head. But the guy who got hit stayed in the game. So I dont see this going over 1 game suspension. But the chance of him getting suspended seems likely. I sure hoped Hogs would pile up few more points in this tourney tho.
  8. Result of that Russian guy having permanent brain damage has everything to do with the infraction. He should have been taken to the dark room.
  9. I dont disagree with the major... but the guy who got elbowed came right back out next shift. That needs to be addressed. And that goal celebration... lol...